Your roof is probably one of the most colossal investments you made while coming up with your beautiful home. With a good climate that is rarely characterized by frozen precipitation, Florida is still an environment that demands some care to extend the life of your roof. Regardless of your roofing material, below are some ways that you can protect your roof’s efficiency and lifespan in Florida.

Keep your roof free of any debris

Keeping  your roof free of debris such as leaves and branches as well as plants such as moss and algae is beyond the step of making the rooftop look nice. These materials promote the build up of water on the roof which could compromise its finish. As you remove the debris accumulated on your roof or employ the services of a third party, be careful to avoid injury as well as damaging the roof; the latter can invalidate your roof warranty.

5 Tips to Caring for Your Roof in Florida

Schedule a regular inspection

There are many licensed contractors with the required expertise in roofing tampa. For the ultimate peace of mind, frequently organize for inspection to ascertain the integrity of your roof. Since some problems might not be easy to detect by yourself, it is proactive always to deploy the services of a professional with the right skill set of detecting any warning signs on your roof. Generally, it is recommended that any building, may it be residential or commercial, have its roof inspected by a professional at least once per year to detect any deformities.

5 Tips to Caring for Your Roof in Florida

Clean the gutters

Experts suggest that you clean the gutters every season, which amounts to once in every three months. Dirty gutters, filled with all sorts of debris, not only promote mildew growth but also lets water overflow back onto the roof exposing it to potential damages. And if you have your roof detailed with shingles, keeping the gutters clean is even more crucial for you as the pooling up water from the clogged system could seep into your house.

5 Tips to Caring for Your Roof in Florida

Visually inspect the flashing, eaves, and fascia

Flashing are designed to protect the delicate portions of your roof such as the joints from water penetrations. Corroded or damaged flashings should be immediately replaced by your roofing specialist as their leaking nature can allow water to rot the wood underneath as well as promote the growth of mildew. On the other hand, rotting eaves and fascia are a good indication of a leaking roof.

5 Tips to Caring for Your Roof in Florida

Ventilate your attic

Ventilating your attic keeps it off the moist air that promotes the growth of mildew and mold responsible for damaging the insulation material as well as the roof. Furthermore, properly ventilating the attic saves on energy costs as hot trapped moisture trapped in the compartment generally makes the whole house warm, overburdening the ventilation system.

5 Tips to Caring for Your Roof in Florida

In conclusion, the aforementioned tips will take you a great way to ensuring the prolonged safety and efficiency of your roof, preventing any need to prematurely replace your roof which is expensive.