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5 Tips for Choosing a Great Travel Bag

Any veteran traveler knows that having the right bag is crucial in the success of your trip. Just imagine going on a long European vacation and midway into your trip your travel bag gets ripped or looses one its wheels? Not only is it inconvenient but you will need to buy a new bag mid-trip which can be a hassle.

If you are going on a vacation soon,  you need to make sure that you buy the perfect travel bag for your trip. Here are some tips that you need to follow.

1. Choose the right bag for the right trip – Like it or not, not all trips are the same. You can not bring the same luggage you brought on an overnight trip to your two-week vacation in Europe. If you have the budget, you should consider buying several types of travel bags so that you are always ready for whatever trip you need to take. You can invest in duffel bags, or larger types and even a laptop case so that all your stuff will be kept safe.

2. Consider the features that you will need – This is again dependent on the type of trip you will be taking. You might think that you only need a simple travel bag, but did you know that there are even bags that have GPS tracking? Why should you consider features when buying your travel bag? Well, if you were going to the beach, you will need a bag that has water-sealed linings, but if you are going hiking, you will need a completely different bag. The size and weight of your luggage is also a big consideration. Remember that in airlines you have a limited weight allowance for your luggage and if you buy a travel bag that is too heavy, you will have to reduce the stuff you have packed so that you still have space for souvenirs and the like.

3. Look for a bag made by a well-established brand – It might be more expensive than just buying bags from generic brands, but there is something to be said for bags that are from well-known brands. While they are more expensive, they are also made of sturdy materials. You want to get bags from brands that really specialize in manufacturing them. They will last you many years and these are the types of bags that you can even pass on to your children.

4. Ask for recommendations or read reviews from those who have bought it -If you have friends or family who are frequent travelers, it would be a good idea to get their opinions on which travel bag you should buy. If you cannot ask anyone’s opinion, there are plenty of sites that will show reviews of different luggage brands. Even in social media, you will surely find comments and reviews that can be helpful.

5. Look for luggage that has a guarantee – Try to look for bags with a long warranty. There are some who are very confident about the quality of their bags that they even have a lifetime warranty.

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