5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

Are you planning to visit a new city for the first time? Do you plan to rent a car there? Have you already planned out the easiest route to return the car? How much have you planned for insurance and fuel? We know car rental. We have done the research. Here are five tips to help you have a hassle-free car rental experience regardless of where you decide to rent the car.

1. Know About the Pick-up Location

You would want to know the location of your rental car after arriving at the airport. It’s not that complicated as all of this information should be available on the website of car rental company.

Most companies offering car rental services allow their customers to search for locations close to their destination. Usually, there are a range of options on offer and you could choose one as per your requirements. Take the case of Orbitz or Expedia where you can search for car rental options by city. Keep this in mind when making your travel plans on where to find the rental.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

In addition to the location wide options on these websites, a few other options are also available on some travel sites. These options allow you to find a particular car. After you have checked out available options, it is important for you to confirm the location as well as price.

In many cases, the websites of car rental agencies have flight/bus icons next to the location allowing their customers to easily find flight deals or to confirm the transit times in a city. It is also the right time for you to search for low prices customized to your location and find an awesome deal.

If you’re planning a gift or reward for someone, consider collaboration. Book a car with a guest and mail the receipt printout. Don’t forget to personalize it and include the contact details of your rental car agency.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

This receipt will ensure that the guest doesn’t miss the delivery. There is a section on Rentole for return items. The processing time for these returned items can be up to 72 hours. Just click on the car info icon to get status updates for the area you want. In case you want to have more information about the car you have rented, give the rental company a call to make a reservation. Most car rental agencies offer the option of free return.

Rent a car offers support to organizations involved in taking care of seniors and disabled people in the community as well as families with children requiring special education.

2. The Price May Change

An important thing you need to know is that you are not always going to pay the price you see. Before you make a booking, don’t forget to read the fine print. For example, when you buy beauty products, a certain tax may be charged depending on your shipping address and you may also have to pay for shipping.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

3. A fuel-efficient car Is a Better Choice for a Longer Trip

Are you planning a long trip? We recommend choosing a more fuel-efficient car for such a trip, especially if you’re going to use it for a couple of days. These cars are smaller and cost way less. It is an excellent way to save money as you’re going to use it only for a couple of days.

However, prepping quality over quantity isn’t always right. There are less chances of your vehicle developing problems when you rent a small car. These cars may include passenger cars and pickup trucks but exclude SUVs/couches. It is true that you will need to drive more carefully. If you do not want to run the risk of an emergency while on the road on a long drive, renting a smaller and more fuel-efficient car is the best way to save a decent amount of money.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

When it comes to car rental excess insurance, you will probably be asked about your driving background and the type of car you currently drive. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have any problem in disclosing your driving record to most rental car companies. Insurance has become expensive and it may not seem that expensive but the rates are much higher than earlier.

Insurance rates have the potential to increase the amount of money you pay for your rental car. For a long trip, it is recommended to get a car that is easy to park and allows 2 to 3 adults to fit in one space. When it comes to saving money, you should also consider the option of monthly leases.

Not all the car rental agencies allow you to rent a car with four adults. This limitation means that everyone will be able to sit comfortably in the rental car.

4. Always be Aware of the Rules of the Road

If you are planning to travel outside of the country, it makes sense to be aware of rules of the road in that country. Let’s clarify this with an example. Everyone drives on the right-hand side of the road in the US as that is what the rules say. On the other hand, everyone drives on the left-hand side in Pakistan as that is what the rules require. All the rental car agencies are legally required to document and comply with all the local laws.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

Take the example of California window tint regulations. If you are renting a car there, you will get a car which is exactly the same on every side. On the other hand, you might want to get creative with the modern car. A car can be licensed on one side but don’t forget to lock it on the other side.

You should also know that it is completely legal for you to license the car sometime after getting it but a full license renewal is typically due within 30 days.

5. Always Carry Enough Fuel

Whenever you take out a rental car, it is recommended to have enough fuel in the car to allow you to complete your journey without the need to refuel when you return the car. There should be enough fuel in your car to allow you to drive to your destination and get back home without the need to refuel. It is applicable everywhere.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

Gas stations are always full and this is why you need to have a car capable of going anywhere. When it comes to parking, a gas station isn’t the most convenient option and this is why you should do the research and save parking locations on your phone to have a hassle-free experience.

Keep on the Road – It is recommended to always stay on the road and stay away from busy cross streets and intersections. Roads have a lot of pedestrians and cyclists on bikes and you need to be careful when driving. Always be ready to stop the car whenever a pedestrian is crossing in front of you.

Not all the cities have a lot of parking options. If you are going to a city with negligible parking options, you are going to have a tough time driving your rental car. In case you are unable to find a convenient parking space, use the street for parking. Take care to find a parking spot where a lot of other cars are already parked and try to choose a parking location close to your final destination.

You should also know about any specific directives given by the city administration for car drivers. When you are driving inside a city, you need to adhere to the rules and regulations of that city. Some cities are pretty strict but you don’t have to worry about strict regulations in most places.

5 Tips For Rental Car In A New City

Always plan out your route on a map and stick to proper side of the road. Don’t overtake unnecessarily and try to stay away from busy intersections. Don’t forget to stop your car at the red light or you may end up getting a ticket. Use your phone to get proper directions.

One of the biggest risks associated with the rental car is an air leak or a crack in the windows. You may hire the services of window agents to ensure proper sealing of the windows. It is recommended to schedule them for checks at least a day before you leave.

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