Your garage is a very important part of your home. Aside from sheltering your car, the space can be used for a lot of other things like a workshop or an extended storage. And yet so many households neglect this area, causing it to become cluttered, dirty, and eventually unpleasant to the eyes. If you’re struggling to find space in your garage, you’re in the right place. This article will show you 5 tips to maximizing your garage area so that you can make more room for your things.

Install storage systems

Maximizing space is really all about efficient storage. If your garage doesn’t have an existing storage system, it’s time to get one. These storage cabinets perfect for a garage will definitely help you get most out of your space. The garage is basically a square or rectangular space with at least 3 bare walls (not including the garage door), a ceiling, and a floor area. Leaving the floor area alone for your car, this means you can work with your walls and your ceiling in building the perfect storage system.

5 Tips to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

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Storage systems vary in types. There are wall organizers, shelving units, and hanging systems. Custom-built shelves and cabinets can help you maximize space and organize your things.

Build cabinets

Cabinets and shelves are definitely helpful additions to your garage. It can store your tools, equipment, and any other workshop related items you want to stow away for keeping. Doing it yourself is relatively easy too. After you’ve gone to the hardware store to get your materials, building a cabinet system can take a couple of days and would cost your more or less $300-$500. Lay out your preferred cabinet size and then mask out the spaces on your wall using masking tape. This will help you visualize the size of materials you need to get.

5 Tips to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

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Add ceiling storage

Adding overhead storage is another neat way to maximise the space in your garage as it doesn’t take up any floor space. Setting it up can be tricky so it’s important to be careful in laying out your project. After taking note of the measurements of your ceiling storage, head on to the hardware store to get your tools and materials. This project usually requires a couple of specifically cut boards, a ledger, a couple of joists, ceiling cleats, and flooring. You would also be needing nails and screws, L-angles, and joist hangers.

5 Tips to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

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Setup a workshop

Workshops are very common in a lot of garages. It’s a safe place to work on DIY projects involving woodworking, machinery, and even auto repairs and maintenance. Basically, projects that tend to get into a big mess is better tried at at workshop. Setting it up involves placing a couple of necessities. You need a sturdy workbench, a tool storage, task lighting, and outlets that are efficiently placed. You can DIY your own workshop of course. A trip to the hardware would get you everything you need, even assistance from the crew itself in setting up your place. Having a workshop is a neat way of keeping your garage functional. But of course it all relies on how organized you are in storing and layouting things.

5 Tips to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

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Clean and declutter

Something that’s not be missed. Before building anything in your garage, a major cleanup is first required. Take out your car and start auditing the things in your garage. Take out unusable items that’s taking up space. Mark any tools and equipment for your lawn and set them aside. Throw away anything that you won’t need and start afresh by emptying your garage space.

5 Tips to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

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