Moving into a temporary home may feel unsettling for a while, but there are things you can do to make the place your own. Whether it’s an apartment, a condo, or a rental home for college, work, or vacation, add your personal touches to your new lodging to make it feel enjoyably comfortable and uniquely yours.

Add Personal Effects

Even a cozy vacation rental can feel more like a hotel than a home when you spend several weeks or months there. Refurbish the place with some of your favorite personal items like throw pillows, furniture covers, area rugs, bed linens, and cookware to remind you of home. You can also add patio furniture and the kids’ toys to make it feel as if you simply picked up your household and moved it to the new location temporarily. Bring favorites like a quilt or pet dishes to emphasize that home-like feeling.

5 Tips to Make Your Long-Term Rental Feel Like Home

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Enhance the Décor

Although your temporary home may have its own décor that is quite attractive, add some of your own decorating items that will establish your personal style in place of the bland renting effect. If feasible, replace window curtains, shower curtains and bath mats, table covers, and wall art to project the overall style that you and your family are familiar with. You could also buy some new pieces that not only fit well in your rental but will also make a nice addition to your permanent home.

5 Tips to Make Your Long-Term Rental Feel Like Home

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Rearrange the Layout

Reimagine the rental interior in the ways that are either similar to your permanent residence or arranged to your preferred style. Move around the furniture, reorganize the wall hangings, and restructure the storage areas to get everything the way you want it. Your temporary housing will feel more like your own space when you have things the way you want them. Add extra furniture like a footstool or a coffee table if that will recreate a layout similar to your regular home space.

5 Tips to Make Your Long-Term Rental Feel Like Home

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Replace Unwanted Items

Depending on your rental agreement, you might be able to replace some undesirable furnishings with things that you are more comfortable with. Changing a sofa, chair, or dining area furniture should not be particularly difficult or expensive if the rental contract allows it. You might have to store the unused items in the basement or storage area, if one is available, or the owner might agree to remove the items for you.

5 Tips to Make Your Long-Term Rental Feel Like Home

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Make your long-term rental as much yours as possible to maximize the time you will spend there. With some minor adjustments, you can soon enjoy a home-like feeling until you return to permanent housing.

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