It’s been a while since you’ve lived in your house, and it’s looking a bit ‘lived-in’. Now, all houses have a bit of wear and tear once you start living in them, it does get a bit tiring to look at the same old decor, furniture, and paint. If you’re getting an itch to redo your home, there are a ton of ways you can do it without necessarily draining your bank account. 60% of Americans are active homeowners; which means that most people out there are in need of renovations or a bit of ‘home fixing’.

Here’s where DIY projects come in. It really doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not, DIY projects are great for everyone. They pass the time, and help you unlock your creativity while making your home look fabulous too. Whether you choose to install a granite drop-in sink or an aquarium heater, there are plenty of DIY projects you can get started on. Here are some ideas you can get started on if you’re looking to elevate your home!

Make a Statement with Furniture

Investing in new furniture is always an expense, but it becomes even more costly when you’re looking to buy statement furniture that makes a splash in your home. Refinishing or revamping your existing furniture is a great idea, and it can be cost-effective too! Refurbish furniture by buying high-quality furniture paint (in your home’s interior design colors) or refinish wooden furniture by buying varnishes and polishes in different shades.

6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

There are many pieces of furniture that you can make yourself completely from scratch, even if you don’t have much experience with carpentry tools. For example, a wooden headboard can be easily made if you have recycled wood. You can also buy pre-cut wood at many stores to be the exact size you want your headboard to be, and refurbish it to exactly how you envision. You can also try making DIY ladder shelves, seating poufs, and even a bench for outdoors.

You can also consider re-doing the upholstery for the existing furniture in your home. Find vibrant patterns or colors that will pop in your home, and decide what furniture would be best reupholstered. You can also play with textures like velvet, faux fur, or even silk if you have the budget.

Upgrade Hardware and Artwork

You may not notice it, but hardware plays an important role in any home, and the right hardware can make a world of difference. Not just for your doors, sinks, and bathrooms; but for your cabinets and closets too. If you have generic or outdated hardware in your home, it can easily bring down the look of your entire home. But you’ll be happy to know that changing the hardware of your home is often the most cost-effective and simplest DIY to do. It’s not extremely time-consuming, and you may not even need tools to change the hardware (depending on which hardware is being changed).

If you’re looking to change up the hardware of your home, you need to assess your home’s current situation first. Check the doorknobs, faucets, closet handles, and so on. Find replacement hardware that is more updated, like finishes in brushed gold, copper, polished copper, or matte black for a luxurious feel. Consistency throughout your home will make it look more luxurious and elevated.

6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

Artwork can be extremely expensive, and sometimes, you may be able to take inspiration from artwork you like and make something of your own. Consider buying a set of painting tools and surfaces to show off your creativity in your home. Experiment with abstract painting techniques, and these tend to work best on large canvases. You can also create textile wall hangings, experimenting with different fabrics like suede, velvet, and faux fur.

Try Built-In Cabinets and Bookshelves

Extravagant home decor can be amazing if that’s the look you’re going for. But if you’re looking for more sophisticated interiors, opting for built-in installments can be ideal. Custom built-in shelves can increase the storage space in your home, and make it a focal point for any room. Think about using easy-to-handle materials like plywood for the structure, and finish off with decorative molding for an elegant and polished look.

6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

You can arrange these bookshelves with a mixture of decorative elements, books, planters, and DIY art to make them stand out more within your home.

Invest in Luxurious Lighting

Bad lighting has the power to make a big home seem small, and a well-decorated home seems like it’s too much. More than 60% of Americans own a home today, and most of them have probably never bothered to change the lighting fixtures their house originally came with. It can impact a home’s entire interior design, and no matter how expensive your renovation is, if the lights aren’t changed, nothing will really feel different. With so many DIY lighting fixture videos online, there are many ideas that you could try out yourself when it comes to switching up your lighting.

6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

Chandeliers, pendant lighting, scones, and floor lamps are some options you can consider when you watch to switch your lighting. You can also look for thrift finds, and elevate them by spraying the lighting fixtures over with metallic paint or anything else you prefer. Smart lighting systems are also a good upgrade, as this allows you to change the color whenever you want.

Update Your Bathrooms

Upgrade your shower or bathtub with high-end fixtures, such as rain showerheads or freestanding tubs. Install a sophisticated vanity with good storage and sleek countertops. Think about adding a touch of luxury with features like heated floors or towel warmers. If you have the budget, add mosaic tiles or marble accents. Enhance the ambiance with soft, dimmable lighting and scented candles for an experience that feels relaxing, serene, and something that wouldn’t be found in most homes. 6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

Focus on the Little Details

There are many little details you should consider upgrading around your house when you’re looking to achieve a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Installing custom crown molding and wainscoting is a minor upgrade that can cause an immediate change in your home’s aesthetic. Changing the wallpaper for one room or just one wall can also make a considerable difference (depending on what kind of wallpaper you’re going for). Other minor DIYs can include hanging your curtains higher, using faux marble where possible, finding (or creating) statement mirrors, and so on.

6 Luxurious DIY Projects to Transform Your Old House

Make Your Old Home Seem New Again

Revamping your home doesn’t have to be as challenging, or as expensive as you may be led to believe. When you’re determined enough, and have some time on your hands, a lot of DIY projects can be taken on to change how your home looks. There’s nothing like the help of your family and friends to make the projects more enjoyable, and make the time go by quicker too! Make it a whole event, and enjoy this special time with your loved ones while your home gets elevated too.