Although many believe that the Maldives is exclusively a destination for the rich and famous and that it is financially unacceptable for us mortals to visit them, this is not the case.

This country is one of the smallest island states and is located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean itself. The majority of the population is Muslim, so alcohol is strictly prohibited except in luxury resorts where you can buy it.

The capital and seat of the archipelago itself is the city of Male, better known as the royal city because many dynasties ruled and resided there.

Tourism is the most represented branch of industry, along with fishing, from which most of the inhabitants live.

White sandy beaches and turquoise sea

What makes the Maldives alluring and exotic is the turquoise color of the sea, which is accentuated even more by the long and wide white sandy beaches.

Indigenous flora and fauna such as palm trees and other plants dominate the green islands. Visitors can walk along beaches that are up to a couple of kilometers long.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

The sea is always warm and pleasant for swimming throughout the year. The underwater world and corals leave you breathless once you see them. Various types of animals live only in these areas.

And for tourists, there are various destinations and activities both on land and underwater.

There are certain things you must know before you decide to visit the Maldives.

1. Pay attention to the weather

When planning and booking, you must pay close attention to the weather conditions, and during which period you want to visit the island.

We advise you to book your trip after the season from April to September.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

We also advise you to pay attention to the monsoon that occurs during October and November.

2. Book tickets and accommodation online in advance

Book tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid higher costs.

Of course, there are different accommodations, from Airbnb to private villas and resorts, some of which cost up to several thousand dollars for one night.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

Here, by your income, you choose the options that suit you best.

3. Adapt to the behavior and rules of the indigenous population

Keep in mind that you are going to a completely different culture than what you are used to. The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited and the only place you can get alcohol is in certain accommodations.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

Try the indigenous dishes of the islands, and visit the main market in the town of Male. It will delight you with numerous fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood and its variety.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Since the Maldives is a tropical destination, it is strongly recommended that all travelers bring sunscreen.

Here protection factor 50 does not play a role, you will have to apply creams that have a protection factor 70 +. In this way, you will avoid burns and unwanted side effects.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

On the island, you also have a lot of different sun creams to choose from. We advise you not to smear your skin with oils by accident, because it can endanger your health.

5. Certain destinations are a must

There are certain destinations that you should not miss such as a visit to the capital city of Male, and Baa Atoll beach where planktons emit luminescent toxins during the night which creates a luminous effect like a starry sky.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

This phenomenon is represented only in this area and you cannot see it anywhere else in the world.

Also, one of the activities that you should not miss is swimming with sharks and rays. Sharks are completely safe, there are some animals that you have to pay attention to.

6. Water bungalows are a must

If you can afford it, we suggest you rent a water bungalow for one night. The first type of resort is located on the open sea.

Designed in such a way as to emphasize the environment and the beauty of nature and the sea. Inside the bungalow, you have a glass floor and you can observe marine life throughout the day and night.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the Maldives

You also have complete privacy here because the bungalows are designed in such a way that they do not enter each other’s views. There are also nets for lying over the sea where you can sunbathe during the day.


We have singled out 6 things you must pay attention to before booking your trip.

We have also singled out certain must-see destinations that you must visit if you want to have an unforgettable experience.