Cycling Holidays in France

Pick up a bike and wander through France’s romantic provinces on an action filled cycling holiday. France is very bike friendly, with thousands of kilometers of bicycle track available.

Whether self-guided or taken with a guide, you will be in for a treat. Pick out a region of interest, and discover the areas food and wine scene from your bike seat.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Train Tour of India

If it has to be elegant, it has to be one of India’s luxurious trains. Plying different routes, these luxury trains allow you to indulge in India’s beauty in true Maharaja royalty style. These state of the art trains feature stunning interior design based on the luxe of the Indian ruling class, morphed with comfortable modern amenities.

The train tour is perfect for those who want to take as much of the Indian landscape in without having to sacrifice luxury.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Campervan Tour of the UK

Touring the UK doesn’t have to be strenuous on the pocket. A campervan tour greatly reduces the pressure on your pocket and greatly increases the versatility of your trip. With a campervan, you get the freedom to choose, and with the UK’s vast and quality network of good roads, virtually any place you want to visit can be easily accessed.

There are also plenty of convenient camper parks and campervan companies around the UK as well.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Conservation Work in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s natural appeal has never been in doubt. This country that is shaped like a pearl has some of the regions most intense wildlife scenery, consisting of rare species of animals and birds.

From the endangered turtle conservatories, to avian care centers, and other animal conservatories, this country has a wide range of conservation options available for the eco-friendly tourist.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Desert Camping in Morocco

Few experiences are as spiritual as moving into the bareness of the desert. Experience true Berber hospitality with a life-changing desert trek and camp. If you are used to the noise of the city, the deafening silence of the desert will be a refreshing change.

Put up in nomadic tents, have an authentic Berber meal cooked as you watch, and listen to traditional stories and music as you drift off to sleep under the open skies.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Boat House in Kerala

The opportunity to laze around in Kerala’s exciting backwaters should be motivation enough to change your holiday plans. The traditional boat house allows you to float between river villages, living on the boat but experiencing the magic of the river.

From this base, explore the riverine flora and fauna, as well as participating in river cultural activities such as boat racing as you find them.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday

Fruit Picking Holiday in Spain

In the Andalucia region of Spain lies a thriving fruit scene. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish countryside with a fruit picking experience.

Whether you want to look for a way to raise money for your trip, or you simply want to appreciate the joys of manual labor and sweetness of the fruit industry, this is a very different way of spending your holiday.

7 Alternatives to Your Normal Holiday