Starting a family and deciding what kind of city and environment to raise them in is something to think about. It is desirable that it be a peaceful, safe, and family-friendly area. If you are planning a move to provide your children with the best and highest quality upbringing, you may consider some Denver suburbs. This category includes the best Denver suburbs to raise a family. Some of them could provide your children with a prestigious education, the cost of living is acceptable, there are plenty of activities, etc. There are always advantages and disadvantages to every city or suburb. And it is up to you to decide which place is the best for establishing and raising a family.

Some facts about living in Denver

The capital of Colorado, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, represents one of the cities whose pace is at a desirable level. The lifestyle people lead in this city, employment opportunities, and friendly neighborhoods are just some advantages. There are so many of them that they cannot all be written in these lines. Also, the activities around this city are, to say the least, too fun. If you are the type of family that practices frequent family road trips, then this city may be suitable for your living in it. There are world-class ski resorts in the greater Denver area. It also boasts premier locations for climbing and cycling. The percentage of people moving to this city or its suburbs is increasing yearly. This means that this city and its suburbs are excellent locations for living with a family.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

What factors to consider?

Being a parent is one of the most important roles in life. If you make a decision about moving to a new state with family or even to a city or suburb, you need to prepare well. Some of the factors you should consider are:

  • health and safety
  • crime rate percentage – you don’t want to constantly worry when your child is alone outside
  • education and childcare
  • type of neighborhood

When it comes to the city of Denver, it really has a diverse range of offerings. A big plus is that suburbs like Centennial, Superior, Broomfield, Littleton, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, and Lakewood are excellent options for raising a family. Therefore, if you are a resident of Denver and want to move to its suburbs in order to provide your children with a peaceful and quality life, you will not go wrong.


The population of Centennial is more than 100,000 people. The most important thing to emphasize is that this suburb offers endless educational opportunities. Your child can choose between Ambleside School of Colorado, Children’s Music Academy of Centennial, and many others. Whatever your child’s interests are, he will have the opportunity to improve. In addition to the sphere of education, according to ratings, one of Colorado’s safest neighborhoods is Centennial. Which, in the case of having a family, means a lot. On the other hand, Centennial offers a variety of activities and opportunities for fun and has many parks worth visiting.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Moving to Centennial

If you are considering the option of moving to this suburb of Denver, you are on the right track. Whether you’re moving from out of state to Centennial or moving from Denver to Centennial, moving is a challenging concept. Having a family in this situation – it is inevitable that you will be under stress during the relocation. Then, you should let the experts can give you a hand in order to get rid of stress and worries during relocation. When moving to Centennial, hiring movers can be of great help. Their experiences and skills needed for moving are numerous. Regardless of the distance of your relocation, moving with them is way less complicated, and it is safer.


It is located around 30 miles northwest of the city center. Excellent public schools and an abundance of outdoor activities are just a few of the many amenities Superior has to offer to new families. You can spend time at the many playgrounds, leisure centers, and bicycling pathways in this Denver suburb.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

Pleiades Two, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


It represents one of the largest suburbs of Denver. You may participate in all the outdoor activities the Rocky Mountains have to offer if you live in this city. It is known for its excellent schools and inexpensive homes. In Lakewood, there are numerous career options and job openings, and the city’s median income is about $60,000. There are numerous public school possibilities. However, there are many universities to pick from in the main city as well, given that this suburb is close to Denver. It is a rapidly expanding metropolis with breathtaking Rocky Mountain views. It is filled with excellent restaurants, shopping, and highly-rated schools.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About Broomfield

One of the best Denver suburbs to raise a family is Broomfield. It has a population of about 70,000 people, which is significantly less than the population of Denver. But that definitely does not affect the quality of this suburb.

Although this suburb is very small, your children will not be deprived of the education it offers. The public school districts that serve the city of Broomfield are numerous. As for the climate, the weather in Broomfield is generally pleasant all year long. There are many activities that you can do in Broomfield. The green areas that are present can serve as an excellent space where you will spend quality time with your family. Your kids will love going on nature walks and having picnics in parks. The young people of Broomfield have access to a ton of entertainment options, including multiple nightclubs. You, as a parent, won’t experience any issues in employment. Travel time to work is about half an hour. Also, the job market in the city is upbeat and has higher prospects than the national average.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

City and County of Broomfield, CO, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thinking about relocating to Broomfield?

Above-average salaries and the possibility of suitable employment may interest you, as a parent, in moving here. In addition, the possibility of diverse education, entertainment, and nature that is available, can be an excellent option for your children’s life. When these two aspects come together, it is natural that the possible outcome is a move to Broomfield. Moving, by its very definition, is a demanding and complicated undertaking. Knowing this, let a reliable team help during relocation. When moving to Broomfield, deciding to hire movers is one step that will bring you a lot of relief. They can take care of the furniture and any equipment you need to move and help you pack and unpack. Especially when you have children, these tasks can be extra complicated. But with their help, everything can go easier and faster.


It is about 12 miles south of Denver, so It’s an effortless commute from this suburb to work, considering the distance. It features fantastic local shops and restaurants with top-notch food and very familiar and friendly neighbors. It has a vibrant history. At Littleton, there are houses in the Craftsman style. There are also stunning recently constructed buildings where you can begin a family life. Living in Littleton is an excellent choice for your child’s educational career. For seven years running, Littleton Public Schools has received the highest academic accreditation grade in Colorado.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

Highlands Ranch as one of the best Denver suburbs to raise a family

If you want to lead a quiet family life, Highlands Ranch is the perfect place for that. It’s encouraging to know that both violent crimes and property crimes are less common than the national average. There are many fun activities to try at Highlands Ranch. You can take your children hiking or fishing. There are many parks and jogging paths you can use for physical activity in this suburb of Denver.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

Castle Pines

The greatest choice is Castle Pines for families with higher incomes. This community is situated halfway between Colorado Springs and Denver. Its population is thought to be 11,000 people. Public schools in Castle Pines are highly rated in terms of education. In Castle Pines, the average house is worth more than $700,000. It is a safe community, which is crucial for bringing up a family there.

7 Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

To sum up

The capital of Colorado is surrounded by the best Denver suburbs to raise a family. Starting with the cost of living, average salaries, and child’s educational opportunities. Then numerous activities that you can do with your children. The nature and greenery of certain suburbs are breathtaking. So, when you’re thinking about where you could start life with your family or where to move, don’t forget to consider the Denver suburbs listed above. The beauty of nature will leave you speechless, and numerous opportunities in various spheres in these suburbs, both for you and your family.