You’re so excited about your next trip! You keep looking at beautiful photos and imagining your joy when you see those places. However, you’re also a bit anxious. Will you manage to see everything, taste all foods you should try, and stay rested at the same time? It depends on how well you plan your trip.

Are you ready for the best vacation in your life? You will be if you use the right tools to plan it. We’ll suggest 7 top tools that help you plan great vacations.


You’re traveling to Australia? That’s really far, so you’ll have to pay quite a lot for the plane ticket. You absolutely need this app to find the best price for your flight. All you need to do is pick your destination and dates of the trip, as well as the class you prefer. The app will search all flights and get back to you with the most affordable offer. If you set the dates to flexible, you’ll get an even better offer.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

In addition to cheap flights, Priceline will also help you find affordable hotels, car rentals, cruises, and packages. It’s a must-have app for planning trips to distant destinations.


Let’s say you’re traveling to Paris, France. You’ll have tons of things to take care of before you take off. Reservations for the flight, hotel, car rental… Plus, you’ll have to reserve your spot at a fancy restaurant. Otherwise, you won’t get the real experience.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

It’s easy to get lost in all those confirmation emails. TripIt won’t allow that to happen. All you need to do is forward all confirmation emails to this service, and it will transform them into a master itinerary for the trip. You’ll have all plans in a single app. TripIt gets even more useful when you sync it with your Google Calendar.

My Maps

Athens is huge. It’s also a busy city, so it won’t be easy for you to find all sights, museums, and restaurants with good reviews. You’ll need to do some research before you leave, and plan how and when you’ll get to those places.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

This tool lets you mark attractions you want to see. It will save them on your map, which you can view from any device. You won’t get lost if you use it.


So you decided to go to Turkey, but you don’t know what hotel to choose? It’s the country known for its awesome all-inclusive choices. Each hotel is great on its own, but you want one suited to your needs and you expect a price you can afford. TripAdvisor is the classic tool to use in such case.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

It’s really easy to find reviews of all hotels, see the prices and book your stay without much effort.


What’s a writing service doing in a list of trip-planning tools? Well, if you’re going to Russia or any other country known for its literature, you’ll need it. It’s not easy to find information about the spots famous Russian writers loved. What are the restaurants where Dostoevsky ate his meals and Pushkin had his last tea? You need someone who really understands the culture of this country to help you plan the trip.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

EssayGeeks will pair you with a writer who knows everything about the destination on your mind. They will tell you about the spots that were important to important people. You’ll be able to follow the footsteps of your favorite historical figure.


Italy is your favorite country and you’re finally seeing it? You don’t want a mainstream vacation when you go to Italy. Of course you’ll see the Colosseum and all other important sights. However, if you really want to feel the soul this country has, you’ll need to follow your instincts and visit unusual places.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

YourTour will guide you to all hidden spots you’ll be glad to see. The tool will build you a customized tour that will save you a lot of planning. Just follow the suggestions and you have a great time!


Even if you fly to Mexico, you’ll still have a lot of driving to do. This country has beautiful spots for sightseeing, and most of them will be pretty far from your hotel. The last thing you’ll want is to stay on a single beach all day long and get back to your room for sleeping. You’ll want to explore. You can rent a car, motorbike or bike and head off to an adventure.

7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

This tool will help you plan that road trip, so you won’t get lost and you won’t miss seeing the best sights.

When you plan it well, your trip will be one of the most enjoyable experience of your life. Fortunately, you live in the era of technology. Don’t ignore its advantages. Use the right tools that help you plan a great trip!

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7 Best Tools that Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Travel

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