Brisbane is a fun place to take your family, and that fun comes in many different varieties. Some of the best ways to spend a memorable weekend with your spouse and your children in Brisbane are actually quite healthy – there’s tons of physical activity that everyone will enjoy. Make your trip a well rounded one, and take tons of photos to show everyone back home.

Play with The Animals

If there’s one thing that kids and adults can always agree on, it’s that furry animals are adorable. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is home to lots of Australian wildlife, and they allow families to hold koalas and feed kangaroos. If you’re coming in from outside of Australia, this is certainly an opportunity that no one will get at home. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by when it’s right at your fingertips in Brisbane.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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See The Art

Not all children can appreciate art museums, but if you have very creative children, they’re going to love that experience. Brisbane has several art museums and performance art theaters. If your children love to draw and paint, you’ll be showing them some broader horizons. There is no shortage of fine art in Brisbane, and it might just inspire your youngsters.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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Take a Cruise

There are plenty of multi day cruises that depart from Brisbane. You’ll be able to see Frasier Island, Hamilton Island, or the Whitsundays without having to do any work – the ship’s captain has that covered. Cruise ships are a blast for families. Children love the activities and the snacks, while adults appreciate the time to kick back and relax.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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Go on an Adventure

How about going on a hike in Brisbane? Active children and adults will enjoy the scenery as they embark on an adventure through their surroundings. Brisbane’s Story Bridge draws in a lot of people, particularly because guided tours allow you to climb all the way to the top. For families with older children, this becomes a team activity that is both rewarding and healthy. Get active as a family, and accomplish something big – making it all the way to the top.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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Explore the History

Brisbane is full of historic sites – most notably the Anzac Square and the Boggo Road Gaol. The Anzac Square is a military monument full of statues and historical facts about the Australian Army. The Boggo Road Gaol is an old prison building that’s been standing since the nearly 1900’s. Guided tours run every day, and the guides tell true stories of what life was like for an Australian prisoner over a century ago. Everyone will learn something.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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Walk Through the Parks and Gardens

There’s a lot of nature in Brisbane, and outdoorsy families will love experiencing it. If you’re the kind of family that camps together, you’ll have a wonderful time in the botanical gardens, New Farm Park, Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park, or Roma Street Parkland. These parks aren’t like the playgrounds your kids see back home. The nature is completely different, and it’s something totally new to explore.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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Stroll Through the Treetops

You won’t be able to do this anywhere else. In Brisbane, you’ll find treetop canopy tours. Wooden and rope bridges span through the top of the area’s lush forests, giving you and your family a whole new perspective of the wilderness. Not many people can look down at the forest floor and view the woods in the same way a bird would. It’s a unique experience that you shouldn’t pass up.

7 Ideas for a Family Vacation in Brisbane

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At the end of the day, it’s your family’s vacation. Make the memories you want to make, and be sure that everyone gets to do something that will mean a lot to them. It’s all about happiness, love, and togetherness.