While small city apartments might be excellent living places, they are not usually ideal storage areas. Apartments compel their tenants to be creative with their storage due to space constraints. Do you live in a condo? Are you intending on maximizing storage space in your apartment in order to make it more functional? Here are seven of our best apartment storage ideas to get you started!

1. Get a hand on a few modular furniture pieces

Modular and storage furniture is an excellent tiny apartment concept since it converts unused space into usable storage. When it comes to furniture, you should think beyond the box. In a living room, a storage chaise or ottoman may store extra blankets and pillows. A simple lift-up bed can fit athletic equipment or holiday decor, or an entrance bench can lift up to expose shoe storage space within. When the room is on the smaller side, choose furniture that conceals some storage space as well. Every little bit counts.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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The main difficulty with modular and storage furniture is the variety of models available. There will likely be a more restricted selection, and some storage components may seem cumbersome. Our interior design experts at Your Amazing Places suggest looking for designs that don’t immediately indicate that they have storage. It is also possible to get lift-up beds that do not resemble divans, albeit they are unlikely to offer the same storage space.

2. Maximizing storage space in your room by storing vertically rather than horizontally

One of the most common errors apartment residents make while arranging their belongings is putting everything on the floor. While this may suffice in a house, it often produces clutter in an apartment. So, what is the alternative? It can be to store vertically rather than horizontally! The higher you can keep your belongings, the less room you will take up on the ground. The less space you take on the floor, the less clutter there will be in your flat, and the simpler it will be to walk about in. After all, minimalism is very trendy nowadays. You can incorporate many trendy home decor ideas in this style as well. There are various strategies for making vertical storage easier. Hooks, shelves, racks, and wall-mounted storage compartments may carry everything from books to culinary utensils to bathroom accessories, among other things.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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3. Hanging door storage compartments

Hanging door storage compartments are another option for vertically storing belongings. These storage compartments can be attached to the tops of doors and may be opened and closed as required. They’re great for keeping those tiny yet vital goodies in place since they’re made up of several pockets.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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Hanging door storage compartments may be installed on any door. However, they are most often encountered on bathroom doors. This is partly because bathrooms are usually tiny and need extra storage space. Furthermore, hanging door storage compartments are ideal for keeping items such as soap, razors, washcloths, and other bathroom needs. Of course, this does not preclude you from using similar storage devices on other doors in your residence. It’s really advised if you’re short on storage space. Plus, if you’re a renter and can’t do much to the bathroom and you have no room to add some drawers or install shelving, the best thing to do to prevent possible issues and avoid mistakes is to consider renting storage and adding some hanging door storage.

4. Camouflaging storage in your living space

Even if you have enough floor space, cramming a tiny area with storage might make it seem claustrophobic. Choosing freestanding or built-in storage furniture that blends into the backdrop helps to simplify the area. This way, you may focus on the aspects of your residence that you like. For example, you can have a TV in the living room, but you can also make it invisible when it isn’t in use. This can be achieved easily by building a cupboard around the TV or installing doors that match your TV station set.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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You can also hide your bookshelf this way and make your space feel bigger and more minimalistic. These apartment storage solutions are really functional and crammed into every conceivable corner, yet by blending in with the walls, your focus point in the room, like your couch, for example, or a painting, takes center stage. If you’re going for the minimalistic look and you still find that your apartment is too cluttered, you can always turn to NYC mini storage and get a small unit for some of your belongings.

5. Custom shelving

As previously said, shelves are one of the finest ways to maximize storage space in your apartment. Shelves can accommodate both smaller and bigger things, enabling you to keep a considerable portion of your belongings off the ground. There are two main approaches to increasing overall shelf space. A shelf rack is one alternative. Installing wall-mounted shelves in different locations around your house is another option. Heavy objects, such as small kitchen equipment, may be stored on shelving racks. Wall-mounted racks may contain everything from books to flowers to soap.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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6. Mount it on the walls!

Your last storage advice is to mount it. And by “it,” we mean anything you can think of. All you need is a nail, an adhesive strip, or anything that can cling to your wall, and you’re set to go. You can mount a wide range of goods, including cooking utensils, bathroom accessories, apparel, and tools, to mention a few. You could even hang a Velcro board, enabling you to connect Velcro to some of your goods to make them easier to pick up and put away. If you live in a small apartment and own a bike, you can even mount your bike on the wall instead of leaving it in the hallways and annoying your neighbors. It’s suitable for giving your apartment some character as well.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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7. Underbed storage

A common trend in many flats is to set a mattress flat on the floor without using a bed frame or a box spring. While this does not affect the mattress’s quality or performance, it takes up significant storage space. Lifting your bed onto a bed frame creates a bed-sized storage compartment. This allows you to keep large and tiny objects and stuff that you don’t use very often. Maximizing storage space in your apartment will be much easier when you have that box spring. You could store a lot under that bed.

7 Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

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