Are you finishing off your high school career this year? What are your plans for the coming year? Are you going straight to college, or have you thought about taking a gap year? A gap year is popular with students that feel they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to study during their tertiary education. Taking a gap year allows students time to clear their head and live out their dreams of seeing the world before settling down to their formal college education.

Traveling to a different country will often require you to have a visa, has all the help and information you need to choose the correct one. If you are thinking about taking a gap year, here are seven international destinations that you can visit on your trip.

#1 Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the home of the European party scene and a lot of European culture. Amsterdam has so much to do, all packed into such a small area. Visit some of the world’s best museums, take a ride down the canals, and sip on a Heineken as you watch the summer sun fade away in the afternoon light.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#2 Tokyo – Japan

The world’s biggest city, the home of technology and fashion, Tokyo is a megatropolis that boggles the mind. Take a walk through the tourist zone and witness the most amount of people you have ever seen in one space. Tokyo is home to the world’s largest Starbucks, and it’s easy to see why they chose it. Visit the world’s busiest city, shop to you drop in the boutiques and then party the nights away at the clubs.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#3 The Gold Coast – Australia

Sunshine, sand, and Sheila’s. That’s what the Gold Coast of Australia is all about. If you enjoy amazing beaches, warm ocean water, and friendly people Australia is a top destination that you don’t want to miss out on. Surf the legendary Snapper Rocks, take a sunset drive down the coast and relax in the warm evening air.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#4 Bali – Indonesia

Feel like a beach vacation you will never forget? Bali is an island paradise in the Indonesian islands. Home to some of the world’s best surf breaks and fantastic ocean conditions that attract divers and tourists from around the world, Bali is a slice of paradise everyone should experience once in their lives.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#5 Cape Town – South Africa

If you are into dramatic scenery, good food, and amazing people, then Cape Town is the city for you. Cape Town is set amongst the backdrop of the towering Table Mountain. With the Indian Ocean on one side of the Cape Peninsula and the Atlantic on the other, Cape Town is a city of two seas found at the tip of the African continent.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#6 Cancun – Mexico

The party capital of the world for college kids. Cancun is nothing but sandy beaches, sun, and good vibes. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, sipping on a cocktail at the hotel pool. Cancun has so much to do, from watersports to clubbing.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

#7 New York City – USA

Visit the world’s most famous city. The Big Apple has luxury shopping, entertainment, and some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. A trip to NYC will never be forgotten.

7 International Travel Destinations for Your Gap Year

In Closing

A gap year is a fun way to see the world and travel to your favorite destinations that you have always wanted to see. But first you will need to finish your schooling and receive good grades to convince your parents to let you go. Use professionals to assist you in handling your schoolwork and don’t stress about your term papers and exam essays. Hire the best essay writing service UK has to offer to help you get your schooling completed and receive the best result you can achieve. Once you have aced your classes, pick your destination and book your ticket!