Nature is the greatest inspiration and the main “culprit” for the wonderful landscapes. On our planet, there are many places that are rich with incredible natural beauty and there are also the forests. They have an ancient charm that delights with its mystique. To get away from the real dynamic life, we present a few forests made by nature.

1. Stanton Moor, United Kingdom

It is well worth to visit Stanton Moor area if you had chance. There you can see sedimentary rocks dating from the Carboniferous period.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by alan feebery via Flickr

2. Rila forest, Bulgaria

The Rila Monastery Forest covers an area of 3,665 ha. Territory at which extends the forest is actually the huge place with water supply in Bulgaria.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by Evgeni Karalamov via Flickr

3. Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya is a forested area around Nagoya City, Japan. It abounds with its mystique and seems to be coming from a fairy tale. Anyone who is been there remained amazed by the beautiful scenery.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by Paul Davidson  via Flickr

4. Beskidy, Czech Republic

Beskids are composed of a series of mountain ranges that often extend east – west and each is separated by several lowland extensions. Also, the hardest bike race is held in this part of Europe and it is absolute must-be for mountain biking enthusiasts.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by Andreas Lischka via Flickr

5. Taipingshan, Taiwan

Taipingshan is located in the northern county of Yilan and represent one of Taiwan’s three major national forest recreation areas. All area is covered with valuable trees, such as Taiwan hemlock, Taiwan cypress and Japanese cypress.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by 黃 基峰 via Flickr

6. Hallerbos, Belgium

This forest is located on the border of Flanders and Wallonia. Violet color prevails in Hallerbos because of numerous hyacinths which growing there. Forest is filled with beech and oak trees.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by Rita Willaer via Flickr

7. White Carpathian, Romania

Carpathian Mountains or the forest occupies the central and eastern parts of Europe. However, the biggest part or 53% of the region of the Carpathian Mountains are located in Romania. The forests are mostly represented from 1600 to 1700 m above sea level and above them extend high grasslands.

7 Magically Mysterious Forests

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr