Your bathroom should be your haven. It should be a welcoming and relaxing place where you can start or end your day on a positive note.

If your bathroom isn’t up to scratch, then it might be time you considered refreshing the room.

If you’re on the fence, there are some sure-fire signs that your room is no longer fit for purpose and you need a change. We’re going to share these with you below.

So, if you notice any of these seven signs, it might be time to start a bathroom refurbishment project.

1. You’ve noticed cracks, stains and general wear and tear

Over time, small problems can arise. On an individual basis, these might not seem too bad, but over time as your bathroom succumbs to general wear and tear, these can all add up.

If you have started to notice cracks in the tiles, paint peeling off the walls or missing grout, these are all little signs telling you it’s time to get to work. If left too long, these small problems can become much bigger issues, such as leaks, broken tiles, mould and mildew growth and even structural damage.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

So don’t ignore these signs. If you have noticed a couple of little issues anywhere in your bathroom, take action right away.

2. It always seems to be going wrong

Your old bathroom has been good to you for years, but now it seems like everything is going wrong. Every day there is a new issue.

You’ve got leaky taps, a mysterious noise coming from the toilet and damp patches that seem to appear from nowhere.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

If you’ve started to feel like your bathroom is becoming a real burden and a financial drain, this is a huge sign that it’s time for a refurb. After all, if left for too long, these issues can become much bigger, leaky appliances could increase your water bills and broken fittings can render the room almost unusable.

That is why you should consider a modern bathroom that’s going to operate seamlessly and look beautiful for years to come.

3. You’re sick of the layout

Over time our preferences change. Perhaps you once loved nothing more than hopping in and out of the shower, but now you’d love a long soak in the tub. Maybe you’ve had children since you last did the bathroom and now you need more space and storage to accommodate their stuff.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

Whatever the case may be, if you’re finding that the layout and current bathroom suite just isn’t working for you anymore, it’s time to change that.

Take a long hard look at your bathroom and decide what no longer serves you and your lifestyle and if there’s anything else that doesn’t quite meet your expectations. This will help you to start planning a new layout and find new appliances and fittings that will transform your bathroom.

4. There’s a weird smell

Have you begun to notice weird smells or lingering odours coming from your bathroom? That, or a heavy humidity that always seems to be hanging around.

This is yet another sign that your bathroom is no longer doing the job and that there could be some larger problems at play here.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

To avoid any unpleasant smells to humidity, it might be time to replace old bathroom suites, fans and mouldy grouting. You might also wish to have the plumbing assessed during the refurbishment stage to make sure that all the drains are clear and flowing freely.

5. It feels like a time portal

When you walk into your bathroom, do you feel like you’ve been transported back to the 90s? If bright colours, large tiles and over-the-top geometric patterns greet you when you walk through the door, it’s time to bring your bathroom into the modern era.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

Nowadays, it’s preferable to choose bathroom suites, colours and accessories that help towards a spa aesthetic. A tranquil, calming place that isn’t too crowded or overwhelming. So think about that when selecting which colours to paint the room, as well as your tiles, accessories and other fittings.

6. The space doesn’t feel very usable

It may be that you chose a period bathroom when you moved in or you wanted a big bathtub to soak in, but over time, you realised these items just don’t mesh with your everyday lifestyle. If you constantly find the bathroom filling up and feeling cluttered, or it’s tricky to get around on an average day, then you need to do something about it.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

Whether you want to swap your bath for a shower, set up a vanity station or simply just add more storage, it’s important that you make your room functional and enjoyable.

7. It feels like being in the locker room at school

Do you remember that feeling at school? Dreading the locker rooms and changing as quickly as you can just so you can get out of that dank, smelly room.

Well, as we’ve said, you should love your bathroom and feel relaxed and happy each time you use it. So, if you’ve begun to experience the locker room effect, where you simply run in, do what you have to and get out as quickly as possible, then you need a change.

7 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs A Refurb

That, or you’ve found that it constantly smells like dirty socks and it is more of a glorified laundry room at this point. These are both huge signs that it’s time to refurbish your bathroom and take back your space.

Is it time you refurbished your bathroom?

If any of the points we’ve shared in this article sound familiar, then it’s probably because your bathroom needs a bit of TLC. Spend some time thinking about your biggest pain points and what elements need to be changed and you can start to redesign your bathroom.

It’s also a good idea to visit bathroom showrooms so you can see the suites and accessories in real life, helping to determine what you buy for your brand-new bathroom.