Find the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

So much of a small bathroom remodel has to do with doing the most with limited space, but finding the perfect bathroom lighting for that space can make a world of difference as to how happy you are with the finished product. Let’s consider a few remodeling ideas which can make the best use of space and light, and create a more open, clean and well lit feel to your bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

When it comes to talking about buying a new contemporary bathroom vanities a couple of things come to mind. The first trend is to pick that traditional vanity up off of the floor and hang it on the wall. This contemporary design allows for some creativity underneath the vanity which designers have been using to good purpose in an attractive way. The other contemporary trend is to go with a vanity top sink rather than recessing it down into the top. This can also gain some space in a small bathroom.

Find the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Photo by Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Medicine Cabinet with Lights

Small bathroom designs ideas need some extra storage space, so many designers go vertical with that space. Since you need a mirror over your vanity, you can go with the type of mirror which has a medicine cabinet behind it. Because you also need the perfect lighting, which is focused on where you need it most, a medicine cabinet with lights makes perfect sense in a small bathroom remodel. Attractive LED lighting that is focused on your face is the right kind of bathroom lighting to consider.

Find the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Photo by Dom Designs

Bathroom Shower Ideas

When it comes to lighting, you need to consider your shower too. A closed off shower can be a little dark and foreboding, something your morning routine really doesn’t need. Here are a couple of bathroom shower ideas to bring in a little bit more light:

  • Make use of glass walls and shower doors.
  • Utilize towel rods and rings which don’t create shadows.
  • Add glass shelving which lets light through.

Find the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Photo by Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography


A small bathroom remodel can make the best use of both lighting and space in order to create a open and airy design. Lighting which is focused on where you need it most and is able to provide light to other areas of the bathroom as well is the perfect solution. Adding fixtures and accessories with a contemporary feel can also help create the well lit, clean and open feeling that you are striving for in your small bathroom.

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