When real estate prices start going up, one of the first places that get hit is the humble kitchen. The recent trend in apartments is such that kitchen space starts to shrink to provide more living space. One way to sort out this problem is to make the kitchen appear big. We shall look at seven ways that allow you to create an illusion of larger space without sacrificing the beauty aspect.

Opt for Shallow Cabinets:

The ideal measurement for your kitchen cabinets is 24 inches. You can opt for smaller cabinets of length 12 to 15 inches. This will open up more space at the floor level. There is an inherent advantage of having smaller cabinets. It can reduce your storage space, but reaching the back portions of deep cabinets is a tough job. Hence, shallow cabinets should be the first aspect you should be looking at.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big


Remove Unnecessary Clutter:

This suggestion is a no-brainer. Removing clutter from anywhere can free up valuable space. Often you find kitchens having a lot of clutter. Replace your kitchen cabinet handles with ‘reach-in pulls’ or touch activated latches. These are small things but collectively they can free up large quantities of space. There is another advantage as well. You bump into fewer articles thereby allowing you to move freely.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

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Do you Need a Double Sink?

Double sinks have great uses, but they occupy a lot of space. You can opt for a single sink and open up valuable kitchen space. Constructing your kitchen sink at the right place is important. Since you have opted for smaller cabinets, having a smaller sink is the right thing to do. Place the sink at a strategic place in the kitchen. Keeping it in the center of the kitchen top can make it look cluttered. Shift it to the corner.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

Photo by Justin Loe Architects

Invest in a Compact Dishwasher:

The standard size for a dishwasher is 24 inches. Considering the fact that you need to free up valuable space in the kitchen, you can go for a smaller dishwasher in the range of 18 inches. These dishwashers are gaining in popularity today. You can also try out the portable dishwasher that allows you to keep it at a separate place. However, in case you go for the cabinet type of dishwashers, the 18-inch one should be perfect to match with the cabinet sizes.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

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A Smaller Fridge Can Work:

You are going in for smaller cabinets and dishwashers. You do not need a 36-inch fridge when a smaller one can do the same job with equal ease. Moreover, you often see that the larger fridges have a lot of free space. You usually end up storing junk in larger fridges. Reducing the size of your fridge can save you the trouble of stacking up junk. You tend to eliminate them thereby automatically freeing up more space for you in the kitchen.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

Photo by Grant Davis Thompson, INC.

Light Up the Kitchen Beautifully:

As far as possible, use white colored furniture doors and ensure to paint the kitchen walls and ceilings with the same color. Have adequate lighting in the kitchen. This can brighten up the kitchen and make it look much larger than it is. Try to have glass doors in your kitchen cabinets and include a mirror or two. That creates an illusion of larger space. You should try to include cabinet lighting as well. A well-lit kitchen looks bigger.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

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Have Upper Shelves:

Having shelves at a higher level, especially over the kitchen tops is a good idea. Removing the doors of the upper shelves can free up some space. It can make the cabinets look airy. Keep the items you require on a daily basis in the lower shelves while saving the upper shelves for the less frequently used items. It is also not necessary to keep anything in the upper shelves. Keeping it empty and open can also add to the space.

7 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Appear Big

Photo by Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors

In this age of compact apartments, you do not have much say in the size of your kitchen. However, you can free up space using the techniques listed above. That should not be much of a problem for you in any case. Be creative in your ideas and open up your kitchen. This can also help in opening up your mind.