8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

It’s that time again – time to remodel your bathroom. Fixing up this part of the house is vital – everybody spends a lot of time here. There must be days when you simply don’t have time to eat in the kitchen, days when you don’t enter the living room, where it doesn’t even cross your mind. But the bathroom, has there ever been a day where you haven’t spent at least 5 minutes there?

So with all that being said, why not try to do something diffident? Don’t just replace the tiles and update the faucets – how about a completely new redesign? Below you can find a couple of ideas that will make your bathroom just that bit more unique.

Compact and Cosy

Just because you don’t have a lot of room doesn’t mean you can’t create something wonderful. No need to add extra things, we suggest with work with what you got. Now, getting the right bathroom materials really depends on your own preferences. However, some things are universal. For example, a large mirror for small spaces will make them seem bigger. We suggest you get deep drawers and sliders, all in limestone and cherry, with warm, yellow tiles.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

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Something Zen

The bathroom should serve as a place for relaxation. It’s your safe haven, your sanctuary. So why not make it a bit more meditative with a Zen design? For example, a floor to ceiling Shoji screen can give an oriental, eastern feel to any room it’s in. It can also hide any imperfections or damage in your bathroom.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by Beach House Design & Development

All in Glass

As we’ve mentioned, a mirror can make any room look much larger than it really is. It basically removes a feeling of claustrophobia and replaces it with a sense of spaciousness. But, you can achieve this with some glass elements. And in case you’re worried about stains on so much glass, getting high-quality items from a high-quality bathroom warehouse will allow you to get something a bit more resistant and durable than you’re usual fare. Things like a nice glass countertop, with some curvy fixtures will do wonders as well.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by FORMA Design

An Oasis

How about something elegant, with a distinctly Middle Eastern feel? Then we suggest you first get a nice bamboo mirror, along with a bamboo tower rack. Use a combination of soft, light colours contrasted with deep, strong woods. Elongated fixtures, golden faucets and white tiles give off a little bit of luxury to the entire room. Furthermore, a tall towel rack can make the bathroom look a bit bigger, making it seem taller.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by GM Construction, Inc.

Go Retro

Nostalgia is always in – that’s what makes it nostalgia. And now retro seems to be making a comeback. So, think in terms of an oval mirror flanked with trumpet sconces. We suggest you go with amber glass, brown and beige tiles, all flanked and strewed with art deco flourishes. Strong, geometric shapes coupled with clear lines, all in gold, amber, and brown evoke a feeling of the twenties and thirties, while still being simple to set up.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

A bit more of the East

You may have noticed we mentioned this eastern style a couple of times. Well, eastern-inspired designs are all the rage nowadays. This one is a bit more specifically Japanese thought. Namely, we suggest you get a Japanese inspired stepped chest, and keep things in deep, rich colours. Dark red, bordering on brown contrasted with a muted white and beige will make the place look absolutely stunning.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by Grothouse Wood Countertops

Art Nouveau Style

We understand that setting up a good bathroom renovation budget is not easy. However, you can still get something beautiful, even on a tight budget. For example, we suggest trying out Art Nouveau inspired bathroom. It doesn’t really require expensive materials, it’s more about design and imagination. Unlike Art Deco, Art Nouveau is along about free-flowing lines, curves. It’s about fluidity and movement within lines and geometry. So, put curves everywhere – your mirror, your fixtures and your countertops… If you can get a curve somewhere put it there.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by Marsh and Clark Design

A Hacienda in Your Hacienda

Let’s turn towards something a bit more Latin now. A Latin inspired bathroom might just be the thing you need to refresh your home’s style. So, a copper sink with a red travertine counter is absolutely stunning. Furthermore, adding handmade tiles, a wood-framed mirror, surrounded by rose-coloured gold flaked draperies will be absolutely stunning there.

8 Cool Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Photo by Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build


And there you have it, a couple of cool bathroom remodelling ideas. Getting a beautiful bathroom doesn’t necessary means you have to break the bank. You need some sense of imagination, and the willingness to experiment and try out new things. So, think of a design you really like – painting, architecture, clothing – and try to transfer it onto your bathroom remodelling style. With a little bit of planning and experimentation who knows where you can end up.

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