Ready to embark on your next traveling expedition? Scouring the web for some nifty travel hacks that can simplify your trip? You’ve landed at the right place!

Travelling can be a hassle, if not appropriately managed. From reserving flights to unpacking at the hotel, everything requires consideration. Not to mention the time and budget restrictions that accompany every step of the planning. It’s just too much!

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

Have no fear! We can help make your travel easier, cheaper, and safer with these 8 travel hacks. Check them out below:

Let’s start with booking tickets

If you are planning a foreign trip, you can save money by paying for your flight with the currency of your travel destination. It will save you a significant chunk of cash. Now the question is how do you do that? If you are going to a European destination like Norway, look for a Norwegian airline company. Most probably you will get the option to pay in Norwegian kroner or US dollars. Check out the exchange rate and see which currency costs you less.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

One more thing; when booking tickets, view the fares in private mode. Websites can save your cookies, giving airline companies information about your travel plans. If they find out regarding your flying dates, they can increase the rates. So, being cautious might just get you cheaper tickets.

Use sandwich bags for packing

From quotes about love to sandwiches to electronics, you can put everything in these airtight bags. The best part about sandwich bags is that they can keep items separate and safe without occupying a lot of space.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

In addition to using them for packing, keep a few empty ones in your luggage. They are also ideal for hanging your phone off the back of the airplane seat to watch movies and keeping gadgets secure when going to the beach or swimming. You can even keep your money safe in these plastic bags, just make sure to hide them somewhere.

Lock your bags

Securing your bags with padlocks won’t prevent someone from cutting open your bag. It will, however, stop pickpockets and petty thieves from opening your luggage and sneaking out small items while you are sleeping. Plus, these locks will act like a little deterrent in luggage storage. In a pile of bags, no one would attempt to break open a locked bag when there are unlocked options available.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

When it comes to selecting the right lock, it’s best to choose a coded one. With coded locks, you won’t have to worry about losing the keys. If you’re traveling via bus or train, it’s best to compromise on comfort and keep your luggage between your feet or on your lap. Keep your valuables like cash, keys, cards, etc. on your person at all times.

Carry your water when flying

Want to avoid paying outrageous airport prices for water? You can try two things:

  • Freeze the water. TSA allows you to carry frozen goods through the screening, so passing through security won’t be an issue.
  • Carry your reusable water bottle and empty the content (if any) before you enter the security line. Once you pass through the security, refill the bottle at a water fountain. You will find that free water doesn’t taste bad at all!

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

Staying hydrated during flights is extremely important. Plane cabins have low humidity, which may cause dehydration and lead to travel issues like jet lag. Drinking water consistently throughout the flight can help prevent health issues.

Make your clothes wrinkle-free

Effective wrinkle sprays are too good to be true, so what’s the alternative? How do you get clothes that say I’m a sophisticated traveler and not a person who just got out of bed? Try one of the following ways:

  • Hang your clothes in the washroom while you take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will remove the wrinkles from your clothes.
  • Got a portable kettle? When boiling water for coffee, use it to steam out the lines.
  • Use your flat iron or hair straightener to make your clothes crisp and wrinkle-free.
  • If you have extra room in your baggage, you can pack a travel-sized steamer too.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

Keep a fake wallet

A fake wallet will keep your possessions safe from potential robberies. To make your replica wallet look real, keep a few notes, a photo, and some cards like a library card or an old credit card. However, make sure that the items you are keeping do not give away your personal information. On the off chance that someone steals your wallet, they should be able to take it for an original one in just a glance.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

Don’t forget to hide your original wallet in a secret place, like your shoe or a bra pocket.

Duct tape…yes, it’s important!

You may be wondering how duct tape will be of use when traveling, and you’ll be surprised to know. Let us tell you about just some of the ways where duct tape can save your traveling expedition:

  • Medical aid – use as blister support or plaster when nothing else is available.
  • Mend and fix – need an instant fix for repairing holes in shorts, bags, shoes or anything else? Duct tape to the rescue!
  • Luggage holders – don’t want to carry an extra bag for your flip flops or books? Duct tape them to the side of your bag, and you get extra luggage room!
  • Waterproofing shoes – got an impromptu boat trip or jungle expedition? Make your shoes or boots water and dirt proof by covering them with duct tape.
  • Securing valuables – hide your money, passport, and other valuables by taping them at the bottom of the bed.

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

You see, duct tape serves multiple purposes!

Mingle with the locals

Traveling is fun, no doubt, but it also helps you grow and progress. It gives you a unique view of the world. Mingling with the locals enables you to experience things from a different perspective. They can show you interesting places that are not well-advertised on Google, and take you to food spots and clubs that pocket-conscious. Plus, you get to make new friends that can last a lifetime!

8 Travel Hacks you Should Know

So, are you ready to wipe the dust off your bags and start packing for the trip?

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