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9 Amazing Locations for a Perfect Picnic in London

In this intense times, when we are all preoccupied with our jobs, the meetings we need to get, the places we need to be, there is so less time for us to enjoy. So for every single minute you have free be sure to use it wise. Do not ever think that the free time spent on the computer or in front of the TV is good. Have you ever thought of going on a picnic with your close friends? Here is an article about places for perfect picnic in London. Today we picked to write about picnic in London because it is a big city with bigger obligations and for sure the time spent in nature will give you some energy.

If you live in London or you are a tourist and u want to have a picnic in London, be sure to pick one of the following places. They are so beautiful and perfect that will make your time wasted on a picnic in London to be unforgettable and refreshing. The hours spent on viewing London and exploring it’s awesome places will be much better if you make a little pause between them and have the best picnic in London.

Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park

Image by ROBERT MOORE via Flickr

Alexandra Palace

Image by Duncan Harris via Flickr

Primrose Hill

Image by tomseehoo via Flickr

Waterlow Park

Image by Yuriy Akopov via Flickr

The Scoop

Image by Edvvc via Flickr

St James’ Park

Image by Herry Lawford via Flickr

Victoria Park

Image by Ben Rimmer via Flickr

Richmond Park

Image by Bobby Giggz via Flickr

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Image by Andrew via Flickr

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