Being in the Airport Terminal, waiting for my flight to departure, watching a man anxiously walking around. He just got information that his flight has been delayed for 2 hours. Presuming he is a businessman, he might just miss his meeting. I started thinking what now? Who is responsible for the harm that this man is getting? What are my rights as a passenger? Suddenly I hear something about “flightright”. A woman approached to him and started chatting and telling him something. As I got on my flight I kept asking myself these questions.

The world flightright kept running through my head the whole flight. When I got home, I decided to do a research. Just wrote down “flightright” on Google and whoa, I got some interesting results. Because of the things I read there, I decided to share this with you followers of YourAmazingPlaces because it might help you in future if you are traveling with plane.

Always Know Your Passenger Rights with Flightright

Image by David Mellis via Flickr

The first thing I read is what my rights are as a passenger. And yes, under (EC) Regulation 261/2004 air passengers are entitled to compensation of 125 euros to 600 euros per person (irrespective of the ticket price) in an event of flight cancellation, delay or overbooking that could not be avoided by the airline. So I asked myself another question. How am I supposed to get this compensation? I am not familiar with the procedure and by the time I realize all this, I am going to spend so much time that at the end it will not be worth. As I continue reading, I realize this is the place I should be. This company is dealing with all the legal procedures.

Always Know Your Passenger Rights with Flightright

Image by Michal Osmenda via Flickr

So dear followers, have you ever been caught in that kind of situation? If you ever want not to get into one where you will feel helpless just take a closer look at this. Whether you are in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, USA or some other EU countries, be sure that there are companies that can take care of your rights as an air passenger.

Always Know Your Passenger Rights with Flightright

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