Having a transparent piano in the living room is a cool idea as transparent pianos are beautiful, stylish, and functional. Using transparent pianos for decoration is a recent trending phenomenon. An attractive, transparent piano can make dramatic and artful visual treasures in your living room. The transparent piano catches the light in rainbow refractions, and it belies the site of the piano, making it light looking and airy. If you are already a fan of transparent pianos, you might be looking for the best transparent ideas. In this short article, I will talk about Lucid Pianos and their remarkable line of transparent pianos.

Lucid Pianos

A renowned piano brand from Spain, Lucid Pianos offers a wide range of transparent pianos in partnership with German piano brand Bluthner. Both companies have strong piano manufacturing expertise and design skills. If you are looking to get modern touches in your piano, the futuristic and aesthetically-pleasing designs of Lucid Transparent Pianos can satisfy your needs. While Lucid Transparent Pianos are all very stunning, attractive, and gorgeous, you can also customize your Lucid piano and have just what you need.

Amazing Line Of Transparent Pianos By A Famous Piano Brand

Line Of Transparent Pianos

Following are some of the top transparent Pianos from Lucid Pianos:

IRMLER Translucid Grand Piano: IRMLER is a result of a touch of magic transparency, choice of quality materials and modern technology. You can expect to have a lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement having this in your home.

Amazing Line Of Transparent Pianos By A Famous Piano Brand

HAESSLER Translucid Grand Piano: Haessler is another fine transparent piano designed and manufactured by Bluthner. If you are looking for great value for your money, this piano is a perfect option as you get guaranteed performance long with its super craftsmanship.

LUCID Elegance: if you are after a glamorous semi-transparent piano, the LUCID elegance is a perfect option as it comes with veneer finishes and high gloss polyester colors. It offers you amazing customization options.

Amazing Line Of Transparent Pianos By A Famous Piano Brand

LUCID Elegance Panoramic: this is another semi-transparent collection of pianos that are customizable. The name LUCID Elegance Panoramic comes from the inner rim of the piano as that is decorated with different variants of panoramic images with matching soundboard and frame.

LUCID Elegance Digital: LUCID offers a range of digital pianos. Its elegance digital piano comes with most advanced operating concept, Bluetooth connectivity, an impressive high-end speaker system, and a built-in acoustic soundboard.

Amazing Line Of Transparent Pianos By A Famous Piano Brand

LUCID Elegance Extreme: if you are looking to decorate the most sophisticated leisure space, this amazing LUCID Elegance will simply be an exceptional choice.

LUCID Elegance Upright: if upright design of pianos is what you like, this semi-transparent upright piano will offer you amazing elegance and performance.


Choose from amazing collections of LUCID pianos and have your dream of having a transparent piano in your home.