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Aurora Resort and Spa, Berovo, Macedonia (19 Photos)

Berovo is a small city located in the Maleshevian Mountains in Macedonia, 20 km away from the Bulgarian border. It is a city rich with fresh air, different kind of forests, kind people and an artificial lake with a dam as a heart of all beauty. Up above the dam, on a hill there is an exclusive resort, called Aurora Resort and Spa. This resort whole resort is built by all natural materials. Natural wood from the Maleshevian Mountains and volcano stones that also can be found there by the one, once active, now dead volcano. All the flowers and trees in Aurora Resort and Spa, is transforming this object a great botanical garden.

Another beautiful and unique thing at Aurora Resort and Spa are the birds’ songs that are a key for a great relaxation. These songs combined with the fresh air, that can only be found else in the world in Alaska, Peru and North India, and the great reflection of the sun or the moon in the Berovo Lake, are the decoy to bring the people visit this place.

Aurora Resort and Spa and Environment

Visiting Berovo and Aurora Resort and Spa is equally worth in summers as it is in winters. In summers because of the altitude of 1100 m and the amount of forests, the temperature ranges from 22 C (71.6 F) to 30 C ( 86 F) during the day, and may go down to 12 C (53.6 F) in the nights.

In the winters here you can find the winter fairytale. The white snow and the sunny days, which are average of 300 in year, will make you feel special and enjoy the winter wonderland.

One more thing you should know when coming to Berovo and Aurora Resort and Spa is that, we guarantee you will leave this place with gained weight if you are not careful. That is because all the food here is traditional and it there are the most delicious things you will ever taste in your lifetime.

Infinity Pool

To stay here some people say its expensive, but compared to others five star resorts in this country or in Bulgaria or Greece, the price here is cheaper. You can check that on their official webpage: There you can find many informations about the accommodations and others general info about the city and Aurora Resort and Spa.




All photos are taken from their official website and they hold the copyright license for using them.

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