Once you’ve gone through all the trouble of finding, buying, potentially remodelling and legally covering your new home, you’d think that all the troubles end here. Unfortunately, there are many more things to cross off the list, which is the exact reason why we came up with this article, covering the preparations for moving in. These preparations do include some which may seem obvious, yet often a matter of oversight. In order to make sure you’ve properly prepared your brand new home for the actual moving-in part, refer to these simple, yet crucial guidelines.

Make Sure You’ve Connected Your Energy

Okay, let’s start off with a fairly obvious one – power. If you’ve gone and gotten yourself a new home, chances are that you have bought it from another owner. In order to avoid unnecessary legal technicalities, simply disconnect the energy in the previous tenants’ name and connect it in yours. No extra legwork needed here, seeing as how the process is fairly simple – just call your energy provider, give them your information, such as your address, contact numbers, identification, your preferred connection dates and concession details. One thing to keep in mind here is to do your connecting just before you’ve moved in, in order to avoid having the previous owners pay money for your energy usage and the other way around.

Basis to Cover Before Actually Moving in

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Change Your Address

It is best that you do this simple step as early as possible, to skip the tenants of your old home having to forward your mail to your new address. This is done by simply notifying your post office of your brand new address, as well as all relevant businesses and government bodies, in order to properly claim your mail. In addition to this, make sure you’ve updated your details on the electoral roll, as well as magazine subscriptions. Letting you bank know that you’ve moved is also vital, in addition to all the insurance and registration bodies. Updating your details with all superannuation funds is also vital.

Basis to Cover Before Actually Moving in

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Have the New House Properly Cleaned

You never know what the previous tenants of your new home were exactly like. Looks can be deceiving, and those that appear extremely meticulous, judging by their outlook, may have ran a pigsty back at home. This is why it is crucial to have your new house professionally cleaned, for health reasons, at the very least. Furthermore, even if the previous owners have done their part and done you a solid by having the house properly cleaned, there’s an off chance that it had been empty for quite a while, being home to germs, bacteria and the like. Go a step further even and hire those professionals who specialize in final cleans.

Basis to Cover Before Actually Moving in

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Emergency Services

In addition to fireproofing your house, make sure that it is equipped with proper fire safe paraphernalia, such as fire extinguishers. In case you lack any of those and you dont have enough funds, you can always search for real estate investment grants in order to equip your home with these essentials. Additionally, make sure that the water hydrant in your new house’s proximity is reachable and well-maintained. Contact fire safe services for further information.

Basis to Cover Before Actually Moving in

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If you plan on installing an alarm, make sure you’ve contacted your preferred security company, so that they can make sure your house is burglary-proof. Install a lawn light and check if the windows are functioning properly.

Basis to Cover Before Actually Moving in

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When it comes to medical services, make your driveway accessible for ambulance vehicles.

Making sure that you’ve crossed the previous items of you list, before you move in can do you a world of good, instead having to tackle these potential issues, once you’ve already moved in. Covering all the basics that may seem like no-brainers, but are easily neglected, can help you adjust to your new home quickly and seamlessly.