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Bed and Breakfast Near Bryce Canyon

If you are planning a vacation in the National Park, chances are you will need to find a great bed and breakfast near Bryce Canyon. This is one of the most spectacular places to visit, where you can see the ancient rock formations and immense geological forces responsible for carving this unique and intriguing place. Along with the huge rock forest, the area supports a number of different eco systems, featuring 170 species of bird, 400 native species of plant along with countless mountain lions, black bears, deer and foxes. By night, the sky is lit up with thousands of sparkling stars in a cloudless sky.

Located in the centre of southern Utah, Bryce Canyon can be accessed from several directions. The park itself is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. The visitor centre is a thriving hub of activity and the place where you gather all the information you need for your stay, including backcountry permits and maps, or to simply clean up after a busy day of camping or trekking. The Visitors Center is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Bryce Canyon Climate

The region witnesses some extremes in temperature so visitors should take this into consideration. Due to its elevation, the temperatures during the winter can reach 9 degrees while summer temperatures go into the mid-80s. It is strongly advised that you dress suitably for the time of the year.


Compared to many of the other national parks, the Bryce Canyon is particularly small. There is an 18-mile scenic route which stretches from the north to the south through the park, and it follows the route of the amphitheaters for the most part. Also, it is sprinkled with hiking trail heads, picnic areas and viewpoints along the way.

Even though the park is small, there is plenty of places to explore on foot which vary in technicality and difficulty, so there’s something for everyone. There are many ranger-led tours and activities in the area, from short talks on the geology and history of the surrounding landscape to comprehensive children’s programs and full moon treks.  There are two annual festivals which always prove popular, and they pay tribute to the notable features in the Bryce Canyon. In early summer, there is the Astronomy Festival and the Geology Festival shortly after.


For those who are not venturing into the backcountry, there are two drive-in campgrounds in the park located at the North and South, deep in the forests. Both are available for those with an RV as well as travelers with tents. There are plenty of flush toilets, clean drinking water and washing facilities as well as a laundry. If you prefer a  few more home comforts, there are several great places for luxury stays.

The opportunities for exploration and adventure in the Bryce Canyon are endless. Venturing off the beaten path and finding your own little piece of unspoilt land certainly isn’t difficult. From fishing to horseback riding and offroading through to hiking, there is plenty to see and do in the Bryce Canyon.

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