London is the magnet of the world for varied reasons. It is a centre of countless opportunities in every field, which makes it a desirable place to live with the family. But the selection of a ‘perfect to reside’ place is challenging. Options are many and good but which one is best for you and your family is a decision that can take some time.

Every inch of earth is important when you search for the best place to raise your family. The countless dreams that you have need a spot to materialise. A place with all facilities to live is on obvious priority.  Education, amusement, transportation, health facilities, residential buildings, career opportunities, nothing can be missed in the importance. In fact, the pace on which the life is moving, the aspects like pollution level and water purity are also big concerns for everyone. This makes the selection of the place more and more challenging. But don’t worry, London is a centre of options and not disappointments.

People want to live in London to stay in the mainstream of development. Commercial growth, career growth, educational opportunities are in plenty here. Also it preserves a good taste in fashion and catches attention of the tourists from all over the world. With so many things to expect, it is natural to have a concern for the places that are good to live in London. Families whether with kids or elderly people need to live in a locality that is perfect in every sense. Many parts of London get a high score in preference for providing a friendly habitat for the families.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

Why not take a look at the most promising areas in the London where you can stay with your family? It is sure to give you some help to reach to a final decision.


This area is a bunch of good schools, museums, public houses, art galleries, restaurants, film locations, good hospitals and much more. Every facility that you may need to raise a family is in easy reach here. To talk about outdoor spaces, the Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park are attraction points for the residents on weekends. Elderly people can find the moments of peace here. What makes it more desirable is the low crime rate that fulfils your concern of safety. The property prices in Hampstead west are slightly low and advisable for those with tight budget.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London


A suburban town in the south-west London, Richmond is rich in its resources to live a materialistic as well as peaceful life. It is known as one of the safest places in London. The location of next to the River Thames makes it look serene with plenty of green areas. 2360 acres Richmond Park is home of deer and beautiful birds which your kids can enjoy extremely. A bus ride takes you there with not much time. Also, forget not the Kew Gardens that is another treat for the people living here.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

The public transport facility of train and tube gives the place a good connectivity with the city centre. The daily commute to your workplace is convenient and assured. Number of private schools facilitate a standard education to your children.

Crouch End

An area of North London, located approximately 5 miles away from the city of London. A well-established place and perfect for the young families. Independent cafes, lunch spots, restaurants and parks for afternoon strolls are the crowd-pullers. However, you find no train station here but its proximity to the Alexandra Park solves the purpose. There are approximately 80 primary schools in this location. The basic needs get satisfied here without any hassle. Besides, the good pace of the place in the race of development is certain to attract more people in the coming years.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

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Notting Hill

A blend of fancy, trendy and expensive features, this place can be a paradise for your family. The major attractions include Science museum, Victoria and Albert museum, Natural History Museum that ensures the enlightening interaction of your child from history, science and art. The Portobello Road Market, is a spot of crowd and also a place to enjoy fish & chips and fresh paella.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

The standard of schools is good and safety issues do not exist due to very low crime rate. You can spend a good family time in three popular parks, Holland Park, Kensington Park and Hyde Park.


It is situated in the South West London, England. The location between the River Thames and bushy parks makes it a peaceful and perfect place for families. Quiet roads and a good selection of cafes enhance the beauty of high street. Dog-friendly pubs provide an atmosphere of comfort for your pet. This place is an attraction for its period properties that are huge and perfect to reside with your little humans. With a nice and friendly mix of history and modern world, you are surely going to enjoy this place and lead a balanced life that is not chaotic.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London


An area in the outskirts of London that is well connected with transport links. The area has a countryside feel blended with shopping centres that are situated out of the town. They are easy to access through a short drive. Children can get good education with a number of primary and secondary schools. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of this small town is a beautiful excuse to avoid unnecessary distractions of hectic materialistic life. The curse of jammed roads, noise pollution, and unhealthy air are not the issues that exist here.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

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A prosperous place in London, Fulham has a little high price of properties. But it is always popular between the families and attracts international population. Independent schools, boutique stores, weekend farmers’ markets that invite people from all places of London. You are never devoid of community feel while living in Fulham. 24×7 the place is filled with lively people and has all the amenities. Theatre, parks, restaurants, schools and what not. Everything is available here and has an easy reach; the transportation too fits well to daily travel needs.

Best Places To Raise A Family In London

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You may find more names besides the above – mentioned but one thing is sure, London preserves a good collection of localities and areas that are perfect in every sense to live and lead a life of desires. However, there is one more reality that you must have enough pounds to carry out every need of you and your family. Your monthly income may be sufficient or if not, then you must look on to the external funding sources for example, applying for the personal loans. Many direct lenders in the UK like On stride, British Lenders, and Instant Bad Credit Loans have their vast online presence, you can approach them and borrow amount to meet extra expenses.

Do your research work well and pick an area with utmost care. Every corner of London is enriched with resources and amenities just match them with your individual needs and perception. Find a home in a community where you can relate to the people and can get a warm and secure feel for your family.