Valentine’s Day is getting closer and couples have a lot of looking to catch up on. If you wish to spend the day of love with your partner on a romantic getaway, you need to find the perfect spot that fits your and your partner’s criteria, wishes, and desires.

You may enjoy vacations to the mountains or the sea, or you may prefer to stay in hotels or arrange valuable rental properties.. February is not the warmest of months, however, you can still enjoy sunlight in some parts of the world if your ideal romantic getaway is a tropical place.

Either way, there are many romantic destination options that you and your partner can visit for the most romantic day of the year to share love and spare your attention for only each other.

Paris, France

Let us start with the obvious. Paris – the city of love and romance. Beautiful sights, romantic music, delicious food, narrow streets – you can count on this city to give you an unforgettable experience with your loved one. Even in February, when it’s cold, the fog suits Paris perfectly.

Best Valentine's Day Trips & Romantic Destinations 2023

You and your partner will have the most wonderful time walking around the streets of Paris, visiting many of its attractions like the Eiffel tower and the Louvre, drinking French wine, and tasting French cheese. Although the hotels in this city are quite expensive, there are plenty of vacation rentals in Paris that you could book.

Lake Como, Italy

Como has become quite popular these past few years. Although Rome, Florence, Venice, and many other big, beautiful cities in Italy are quite romantic and magical, nothing is as alluring as Como.

Lake Como is a beautiful spot where many couples plan their weddings due to its wonderful romantic sights. You could spend Valentine’s Day of 2023 in Como in a beautiful villa with gorgeous views of the lake and be reminded of Roman tragedies about love.

Best Valentine's Day Trips & Romantic Destinations 2023

You can cherish the memory of watching the sunset on Valentine’s Day beyond the lake and mountains with your partner and embrace love and romance while tasting Italian cuisine.

Bali, Indonesia

Maybe your preferred destination is a warm, tropical place with gorgeous sights of the blue ocean. If you wish to swim in the sea and go on sightseeing adventures in the wild with your partner, we recommend Bali.

Although the weather allows you to go for a swim in the pool or on a beach, you should be aware of rainy evenings in February. You will not get too hot and you will have a chance to get cozy in your hotel or rental with your partner and watch the raindrops fall on windows.

Best Valentine's Day Trips & Romantic Destinations 2023

You could spend the most romantic Valentine’s Day in 2023 if you travel to Bali with your loved one. In the morning you could go to the beach, in the afternoon take a stroll in the wild, and in the evening enjoy each other’s company.

Prague, The Czech Republic

If you wish to go on a trip deeper into Europe, we suggest you visit one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in the world, Prague. Prague has excellent museums and sights to offer. You could walk in the streets among beautiful old buildings and embrace the aesthetic pleasures of the capital of the Czech Republic.

Best Valentine's Day Trips & Romantic Destinations 2023

If you have a tight budget and wish to spend your Valentine’s Day with your loved one on a trip watching the purple-pink sky, Prague is the city for you and your partner. You can do anything in this relatively small city that you would want to do on the most romantic and love-filled day of the year.

You and your partner have the chance to visit historic buildings, the old town square, Prague castle, National Museum, and the National Library. Make all of your wondrous dreams come true by traveling to Prague with your partner on Valentine’s Day in 2023.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the wide range of options the world has to offer for couples on Valentine’s Day. You could go hiking in the mountains of Georgia, swim in the sea in Greece, walk through the narrow streets in Edinburgh, but what matters the most is that you share these precious memories with your beloved partner and cherish them forever.