If you check on most travel websites, there will always be a list of top wedding destination around the world. Married people may have come across the list as they were planning their wedding. For those who are currently planning or hoping to have a wedding soon, it is your turn to get the list of the best wedding destinations across the world. Likewise, you can also check the wedding photographers listing in your location if you want to hire the best to capture your special moment. The good news is that you can find the best photographers near any wedding destination that you choose. So, where are these wedding destinations?

Hawaii – U.S.A

Every couple would like to have their wedding or honeymoon in Hawaii. It is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Its romantic beaches and blue ocean waters are enough to complete the dream of all who wish to tie the knot. According to the Hawaii requirements, you must bring your original IDs after applying for a license online. However, the process is usually smooth especially if using a wedding agent.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

South Africa

Whether you want to meet the African wildlife as you say ‘I do’ or do it on a mountaintop, South Africa offers numerous options. The beaches are also clean and conducive for any type of a wedding you might be planning. For the majority, a wildlife themed wedding is the main reason they choose this destination. You can also book your honeymoon in any of the world-class five-star hotels.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

Costa Rica

This destination is known to be a land full of endless adventure. As a matter of fact, the couples who want serene adventure can choose the rainforests of Costa Rica to be their destination at any time. If you prefer the beaches, the country also offers the best resort beaches for any lovebirds to enjoy their privacy away from the busy city life.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

Image by Emily Goodstein via Flickr

Seychelles Island

There is a thing with weddings and islands. However, choosing Seychelles goes beyond this. According to experts in the travel business, this is one of the most booked wedding destinations either for a honeymoon or the wedding itself. The granite boulders and cliffs overlooking the clean ocean water are what makes it a great destination. Needless to say, the tourism facilities are world class.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

Paris, France

It is a no-brainer that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The site of the Eifel tower can give a memorable wedding location for any couple in the world. People travel from all over the world to this city not only to say their commitment vows but also to propose, celebrate a wedding anniversary or experience their honeymoon. You can also join the many couples who choose this as their wedding destination.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

Phuket, Thailand

Choosing to get married in Phuket, Thailand is indeed a wise decision. Those who choose this rocky and clean beach never regret making the decision. After the wedding, the couple can choose the chartered yacht tour or elephant rides as part of the fun activities.

The Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

With any of these wedding destinations, your wedding will be a memorable one even in many years to come.