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Bike Tours To Explore New York City

A bicycle is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to explore the vast charms of NYC. It gives you a cheap, fun and green way to see the city and broadens your perspective about the Big Apple. With well laid-out bike paths to follow and no rush of traffic to fight with, you can bike along leisurely while learning about city history and taking in its true beauty. So, pick the theme of your choice to explore the city and select from some fascinating bike tours.

Here are some of the bike tours that will allow you to experience NYC in a more in depth way:

Bronx Bicycle Tour

Bike your way through the northernmost New York City borough, the Bronx, and see and experience a surprisingly green area. Start the tour in the South Bronx and bike along observing the area before you reach the beautiful Bronx River and then head to the Bronx Zoo. Stop by Little Italy of the Bronx on Arthur Avenue and check out all the Italian goodies you can lay your hands on. Start again and see places ripe with history and also ride around iconic Yankee Stadium.

NYC green paths bike tour

Ride along miles of green paths around NYC to better your knowledge about this megacity. Get started in Times Square, pass by Herald Square and then reach the elevated High Line Park. End the tour after crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge but not before having ridden past the scenic Hudson River Greenway.

Hudson River Park bike trip

Ride along the enchanting Hudson River Park bike path and experience amazing city sights. The 13-mile path runs along Manhattan’s west side and offers views of the Hudson River and New Jersey. But if you want to experience something different, follow the path from Manhattan into the Bronx and get ready to see the urban inner city as well as lush parks.

Movie-themed bike tour of Central Park

Take a nostalgic trip with a movie-themed bike tour of Central Park. Ride along iconic locations as countless movies and TV shows have been shot in the park. Soak up celebrity trivia while riding through the park revisiting those beloved and heart-warming scenes that once brought you so much joy. This is a perfect bike tour for someone who eats and sleeps movies and TV shows.

Ride through Brooklyn’s rich beer heritage

Explore Brooklyn’s rich and proud beer heritage and have a rewarding trip! During the journey, visit Green-Wood Cemetery to see the burial sites of many old-time brewers of the region. Stop by sites that were once the hub of brewing and then see vintage photos of historic brewers to get a sense of the changes that have enveloped the borough over the years.

New York at Night Tour by Bike

Start off the trip in Central Park at dusk. Ride along some of the popular attractions by low-lit lampposts and bask in the charms of nature and architecture together. Ride down Fifth Avenue and go toward the Empire State Building and see how this pride of NYC gleams and dazzles at night. The sojourn culminates in Times Square where the bright lights are astonishing.

Brooklyn delights by Bike

Brews, views and chocolate…three of the ultimate Brooklyn delights for visitors from any walk of life., Ride along and see Brooklyn as never before. Start the trip near Union Square in Manhattan, then pedal your way through the Lower East Side to the Williamsburg Bridge. Maintain a relaxed pace and visit historical paths, taste chocolate and then ride back over the Brooklyn Bridge to end the trip in DUMBO.

Go on one of your favourite central park bike tours and explore the city in the way it should be!

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