The words ‘luxury’ and ‘budget’ don’t often go together, but the truth is that more and more people are looking to book a luxury vacation for an affordable price. Whether you’d like to stay in an all-inclusive, 5-star hotel on the beach or are dreaming of a luxurious city break, you probably know all too well that it’s not something you can easily do cheaply. If you are planning a luxury vacation but don’t want to break the bank, here’s how you can still take your dream break and have plenty of money left over for spending.

Budget Flights

Budget airlines are flying to more and more destinations these days, allowing you to get to where you want to be cheaper than ever before. When booking luxury holidays, many people book a package deal which includes the flight – often a high-end airline which costs a lot. Rather than booking a package deal, you can make your luxury holiday much more affordable by booking your flights separately from your hotel and choosing a budget airline. For example if you plan on traveling in South Africa, then mango airlines are the perfect budget airline for you. Although you won’t be able to start the luxurious experience in-flight, you can put the money that you save towards a pricier hotel. The website offers a great selection of luxury vacation locations along with information on the best hotels, shopping and entertaining activities.

How to Book a Luxury Holiday On a Budget

Island of Rab, Croatia

Payment Plan Deals

Vacations can be hugely expensive to pay for all in one go, especially if you’re looking to visit a luxury destination. This is why many travel agencies have decided to allow their customers to pay in interest-free instalments, spreading the cost of the vacation over a time period of a few months and making it much easier to manage. If you don’t want to cut back on anything when it comes to your luxury vacation, search for an agency that will allow you to pay monthly after making a small deposit. This can be an excellent way to afford a luxury holiday if you’re not planning to leave for a while.

How to Book a Luxury Holiday On a Budget

Mallorca, Spain

Sales and Late Deals

Keeping your eye on travel agency sites, airline sites and travel comparison sites will allow you to see when they have sales or late deals available which you can take advantage of. Often, hotels will put room prices down if they want to fill them, meaning that you can get a luxury holiday at a cut price if you’re ready to set off on a whim. Bear in mind, though, that late deals can be few and far between – if you’re looking to get a good price on your holiday it’s a good idea to check travel agencies for sales and seasonal reductions. The beginning of spring/summer and just after Christmas are often the best times to get a good deal on a luxury vacation.

How to Book a Luxury Holiday On a Budget

Rügen Island, Germany

Are you planning a luxury vacation on a budget? How are you managing to save money so far? If you have any tips that you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment below.