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Breathtaking Views That You Should See When Visiting New York

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, there are breathtaking views that should not be missed! Here are just a few breathtaking views to see when visiting New York.

Niagara Falls

This destination is a dream for so many people and you should take the opportunity when it comes to you. When you’re in the Big Apple, don’t miss out on the NYC bus tour to Niagara Falls because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some true natural beauty. These falls are breathtaking and it’s a sight that you will never forget.

Niagara is full of opportunities to relax, have fun, do sports, or visit museums. The place itself has so much history behind it since the falls are over 12 million years old! You can enjoy walking around admiring nature but also go shopping or have a nice meal. It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Niagara Falls are breathtaking views that you should see when visiting New York because they’ll stay with you for the rest of your life! This is one destination worth seeing and it’s also very easy to visit since there are many bus tours available that come here from NYC.

Statue Of Liberty

Probably the most famous sculpture in the United States, the Statue of Liberty is a breathtaking view that you should see when visiting New York. It was gifted to the Americans by France in 1886, but at first, it wasn’t very popular among the people. However, after being featured on several U.S stamps and becoming an icon for freedom, Lady Liberty became much more well known throughout the country until it eventually came to be one of our most beloved attractions today!

The Statue of Liberty stands at 305 feet high from her foundation up to a torch-bearing hand that reaches out over 300 feet above sea level. This makes the statue not only breathtakingly beautiful in design with its classical Roman draped robes in copper green color. It also provides incredible views into all five boroughs surrounding Manhattan Island due to how high it stands above the rest of New York!

Times Square

Times Square is one of the biggest tourist attractions in New York. It is crowded, bright, and full of colors in every season that will make you want to take a picture for your Instagram or Facebook feeds. There are several breathtaking views in Times Square including seeing the colorful paint on the buildings when it’s sunny outside, but also just simply walking down its streets can be breathtaking too!

The lighted billboards at night are an amazing sight and seeing all the tall skyscrapers around you while being surrounded by so many people is breathtaking. If you want to experience something breathtaking, make sure to visit Times Square as soon as possible! Also, there are tons of activities to do here such as:

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is another great monument of the Big Apple. It is not only breathtaking but also historical. This bridge was built in 1883 and it took 14 years to complete the construction project, which had many struggles along the way (i.e., workers dying on-site). Today, this famous landmark has become an iconic feature of New York City that connects Brooklyn with Manhattan over the East River.

Walking across it is a breathtaking experience for tourists and locals alike. The views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park are one-of-a-kind, which makes this place even more special. It is definitely worth seeing during your next visit to New York City!

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building gives one of the greatest views on the planet, and you should not miss it when you come to visit New York. The skyscraper is located in the heart of Manhattan, and its breathtaking views are visible from most places that can be reached by foot or public transport.

It was during construction that the Empire State Building got its name. At 102 floors high (nowadays up to observatory deck), it became the tallest building in the world. The breathtaking views that you can see from this attraction are not only amazing by day, but also at night when it is all lit up.

Central Park

How can you possibly miss out on seeing Central Park? This breathtaking view is a great place to take all of your friends and family when visiting New York. It’s an urban place that has so many different attractions, you won’t want to miss it! This park offers you things such as the Central Park Pond, the Alice in Wonderland Statue, the Carousel, and so much more. Visiting New York means adding this to your list of sights to see.

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world and you should take advantage of the fantastic sights it offers. Niagara Falls cannot be missed, nor the Statue of Liberty. Visiting Times Square for all the activities or that tallest building in the city for the view is always a must. Don’t forget about crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the benefits of the huge Central Park. Have fun in NYC!

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