Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

The world’s second largest land mass, Canada, is a nation with natural beauty and prosperity. But, there are more to know about Canada. This country is more than good roads, the scenic view of Niagara Falls, and the people around it.┬áDon’t underestimate Canada as it’s one of the most beautiful places to live in. Canada has everything to brag about all the things that set them apart from the other countries in the world.

If you haven’t booked a trip to Canada yet or you haven’t gone to this beautiful country, then you better start finding ways to visit this remarkable country. Here are the reasons why it’s great to live in Canada.

The Food Is Exceptional

The classification of food in Canada depends on the variety of people living in a particular area. In a simple matter, the food menu in Canada reflects on the range of its population. From Jewish food to Asian cuisine, meat burgers, and sandwiches. There are also unique foodstuffs that are uniquely Canada such as Poutine and Bannock.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

On the other hand, young talented chefs from Canada are winning annual cooking competitions by reinterpreting traditional dishes with a twist using local ingredients and world-class techniques.

Safety and Security

Just 1.3% of the population of Canadians experienced assault over the one-year of recording the data. A study says that the crime rate in Canada is incomparable to other countries. Some people love to live in Canada for the reason that it is one of the safest countries on the planet.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

Canada Has Three Of The Most Livable Places

Three of the cities in Canada is part of the list of the “Most Liveable Cities in the World.” Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are the three cities in Canada that have the lowest crime rates, with a fantastic culture and an outstanding education system.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

If you decided to stay in one of these cities, there are new condos for sale in Vaughan that you can choose from. Vaughan is the largest and the fastest-growing municipality in Canada, and if you plan on staying in this city, you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re in good hands.

Explore Different Cultures

Indigenous people in Canada have different lifestyles and cultures. Each have different histories and traditions. If you want to explore and experience new knowledge about Canada, then you can stay in this country as long as you wish. You’ll know how these people blend and survive in the new era, or what they call the modern era.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

A Nature-Friendly Country

When you think of Canada, what comes first to your mind? If you think about nature, then you’re right. You can’t picture out Canada without thinking about its natural beauty. Did you know that while Canada has mountains full of snow and glacial lakes, it also has a desert? Yes, in Osoyoos, British Columbia, you’ll find the only desert that Canada has.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada

Canada Is a Ski Country

Canada has some of the best slopes in the world. Lake Louise in the West and a hill of snow throughout eastern British Columbia. One of the world’s leading ski resorts is also in Canada. The Whistler Blackcomb got the “Best In North America” from SKI Magazine.

Totally Canadian: 6 Excellent Reasons To Live In Canada


Some people say that living in Canada is like living in heaven. Canada has almost everything that you’re looking for and living there could be a dream come true for you. If you’re undecided about going or staying in Canada, you can consider these six reasons to help you with your decision. So what are you waiting for? Start packing now and start your journey.

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