Which Canyon you Would Visit this Summer? Pick One of the Best 7

During the summer high temperatures get on a mission to find a deep shade on a high altitude. Get on exploration of some of the most spectacular canyons in Europe, relaxing and enjoying the fantastic views of the untouched nature at the same time.

Vikos Canyon, Greece

Even though the first thought of Greece is the the coastline and the lovely islands, it is a mainly mountain country. The lovers of mount climbing are always visiting the National Park Vikos in the mountain range Pindus. It is located in the north east part of the country, and in it there is the same named canyon that is 20 km long and 1.6 km deep.

Canyon Matka, Macedonia

The thin canyon on the bottom stream of the Treska river is not so far from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. It is an amazing destination for the lowers of the active tourism. Matka has an area of around 5000 hectares, including the same named lake, narrow cliffs, exiting caves, middle age monasteries and the unique flora and fauna. If you are not up for walk by the lake, then you can get on a kayak tour through the canyon and just enjoy the views.

Cava D’Ispica, Italy

This is not the Italian Grand Canyon, but 13 km long canyon on the east part of Sicily is important to be noted. The amazingly rich vegetation, wonderful fauna and the evidences of the settlements of the ancient history will satisfy the most fastidious adventurers.

Cypher84 at it.wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Verdon Gorge, France

The biggest european canyon is located in the southern part of France, in between the Alps and the Var area. It is 25 km long and 700 meters deep. Its rocky walls are double the size of the Eiffel tower, and they are guarding the Verdon river which seems like a snake inside the stunning nature.

Partnach Gorge, Germany

This tourist attraction in the Bavarian Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchen is annually visited by thousands of tourists. It is long 700 meters and the rocky cliffs are high up to 80-90 meters.

Vintgar Bled, Slovenia

On about 4 km from the slovenian jewel Bled, it is located a canyon that is 1.6 km long. Its height is around 50 – 100 meters above the Radovna river. This river is filled with many fast streams, and ends with 16 meters high waterfall Shum.

Cares Gorge, Spain

This canyon is long 12 km in the valleys of the Cares river in Spain. It is the right choice for the lovers of the adventure tourism. If you are too scared to explore the amazing nature around this gorge by kayak, you can always take a walk on the dramatic walkway built within the thousands of meters high cliffs.

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