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Child Friendly Holidays Abroad

Child friendly holidays, though sometimes tricky to plan, aren’t limited to the UK. There are many beautiful and exciting family holiday destinations abroad that can offer your entire family the perfect holiday and can help broaden even the youngest travellers’ horizons. While it may seem a little daunting to take your children abroad, especially if they are young, holidays overseas can be just as child friendly as holidays in England.

If you are unsure where to start when looking for the ideal child friendly holiday abroad then it is a good idea to get in touch with a specialised family friendly holiday booking agent. Holiday providers who know some of the best child friendly holiday destinations and accommodations, such as Away with the Kids, can help you to have a prefect, stress free family holiday somewhere hot and exotic.


A holiday in France is an ideal child friendly getaway that your whole family can enjoy. Easy to get to by ferry, a quick plane journey or a trip through the channel tunnel, France has a wide range of family holidays to offer. Whether you want a child friendly villa by the beach, a chateau in the beautiful French countryside, gite accommodation in the mountains or even an adrenaline filled family skiing holiday in the Alps; France has so much to offer families who are after a relaxing child friendly holiday. Home of fine food, beautiful beaches and exquisite wines; France has something to offer the entire family.


Greece makes an ideal location for a child friendly holiday for the active family. With a beautiful backdrop of stunning lush olive groves, green mountains and spectacular blue seas, Greece is a truly amazing place to visit. Active families who want to keep their kids busy and occupied, a holiday in Greece can be exactly what you are looking for. There are opportunities to learn a variety of water sports such as sailing, kayaking and windsurfing, along with the chance to explore the lush countryside on treks and bike rides. Another thing is that the child friendly accommodation can be easily found here. So no matter what age your children are, there will be something to do to keep them busy and help to make sure you all have the holiday of a lifetime in Greece.


If you are looking to go a little further afield for your family getaway then America could be your ideal choice. There are many child friendly holiday options in America whether you want the relaxation of a beach resort, a luxury hotel on a golf course, or a lodge in one the country’s national parks or of course there is the option of a Disney World holiday to really give the kids the holiday of a lifetime. There are many benefits of a holiday in America for a family including there being no language barrier to overcome and the knowledge that there won’t be any strange foods for the kids to turn their noses up to. No matter what you are after for your family holiday, with America being such a vast country there is bound to be something to suit every family’s taste.

South Africa

For a family holiday that is truly something different then you should consider a child friendly getaway in South Africa. A South African safari holiday will give your family the chance to experience a unique, educational and extremely memorable holiday to treasure. With child friendly resorts that include play area, pools and the opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered animals; South Africa is really a holiday destination with a difference.

Family holidays don’t need to be stressful or boring with the variety of child friendly destinations the world has to offer. Open your children’s horizons to a world full of excitement and possibilities with a child friendly holiday abroad.

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