With the increase in atmospheric temperature, need of a heat-beating machine becomes a necessity. Today, the best equipment that we have to feel cool is air conditioner. In scientific term, air conditioner can be described as a system that removes warm air from a room and replace it with cool air. On the other hand, room air conditioners in layman’s language are magical boxes that use electricity to beat the heat.

With the arrival of summers, sale of air conditioners skyrockets and people start searching for the best cooling machines to stay cool even in hot weather. But have you ever thought about the procedure air conditioners follow to turn warm air into cool air? Here’s how it works:

Working of an Air Conditioner

On its job to turn hot air into cool air inside your room, an air conditioner uses an evaporator coil which contains refrigerant, a special kind of liquid that turns liquid into gas. It follows a procedure that is similar to the process pursued by human skin to evaporate water. The refrigerant takes heat from the room’s air and passes it to another coil inside a refrigerator which could be called as a condenser. This coil takes the heated air and changes it into liquid. Apart from these coils, this cooling machine features a compressor that handles the working of air changing into liquid between the two coils. There is also a motor that makes sure that compressor is working efficiently to do all the working.

How to Choose Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

If you are also a fan of an air conditioner and want to get this system in your house to get a cool atmosphere, you should buy the best one. Here’s a guide that may help you in choosing the right air conditioner for your place:

Decide Type of Air Conditioner

While exploring the market, you may come across various brands of air conditioners that are different from each other according to their sizes, applications and price. But they will be of two types: window air conditioners and split ones. Window ACs are cheaper and easier-to-install than split ones, but they are noisier and with less application than their counterpart. Split air conditioners are quite and are better in air conditioning.

How to Choose Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

Go with Energy Efficient ACs

It has been found by experts that average energy consumption of ACs in houses is 13% of electricity bills which means that we spend too much on air conditioners. So to save your hard-earned money, it is necessary to find energy-efficient air conditioners. You could ask sellers to show you the rating of the machine so that you could decide which one will be the best product for your house. The energy-efficient air conditioners may be costlier than normal ones, but remember that they are going to save electricity and your money that you pay through your electricity bills.

How to Choose Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

Quality of Air

It may sound strange to you, but you could choose an AC as per its air quality. You should choose an AC with a good filter as it will improve the indoor air quality and clean air effectively. It will also enhance the machine’s cooling efficiency, and at the end you will have quality, cool air in your house.

Decide Your Budget

In addition to keeping other factors in mind, it is also important to consider budget before starting the search for a great product. Try to bargain with the seller to get an AC with more features that not just saves your money, but also gives you clean and cool air and keep on working for a long time.

How to Choose Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

These are a few essential aspects you should know while choosing the right air conditioner for your home and office. Keep in touch to get more & more information!

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How to Choose Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

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