If you are planning some renovation project in your bathroom and need help in choosing your bathroom door, here you can learn some of the principles of choosing the right one. When buying a bathroom door you need to take into account the moisture and humidity that are created, which can damage your door. So the most important things when choosing your bathroom door are its function, cost and aesthetics. Take a look at the things you should consider when choosing the bathroom door you need.

First you have to choose the right material for your door. Although wood may seem an appropriate choice for your bathrooms door, it actually isn’t so. Wooden doors are very likely to wrap or swell as a result of the moisture and humidity, created in the bathroom when it is used. Avoid using wooden doors for your bathroom. Fibreglass or metal are a lot better materials and more proper choices for bathroom doors.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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Next, you have to choose the direction of the swing of the door- to be left or right. You certainly would prefer your door to be able to be opened freely without meeting handles, cupboards and other obstacles. That’s why you should estimate whether your bathroom door should swing to the left or right. Your door shouldn’t swing into windows or mirrors and shouldn’t obstruct the entry or exit of the bathroom. If you want your bathroom door to swing to the left, buy a left-hand door. If you want it to swing to the right, pick a right-hand door.  Remember the handing you chose when you install the door or plan to install hardware.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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Now you have to choose if you need a pre-hung unit. This unit consists of a door, which is being hung on a frame. The pre-hung units are easy to be installed and are a great choice if you plan to replace the door together with its frame. If you need replacing of your bathroom door without the frame, choose a plain door.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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Next, you should measure the opening before buying a door. The door should be smaller than the length and width of the opening of your bathroom. If you are planning to buy a pre-hung door, you need to know that the width of the jambs should be the same size as the thickness of your bathroom walls.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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You need to compare the design options you have to choose the best one. You can choose between panelled, smooth, fibreglass, steel or other type of door. It is important that your bathroom door is suitable for the materials and design used in your bathroom. There are plenty of door designs and options you can choose from for every bathroom style. Make sure the whole bathroom interior matches the bathroom door you have chosen.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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The last but not least of importance thing you need to consider is the finish of your door. Steel and wooden bathroom door can be found finished or not. You can choose pre-stained or pre-painted doors, which usually have a better finish and longer guarantee from the manufacturer. You can find fibreglass doors, sold with integral pigments or painted. There is a large variety of colour patterns and hues to choose from, provided by the manufacturer.

Choose Your Perfect Bathroom Door

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It is always better to choose a material for your bathroom door, which is easy for cleaning and maintaining.N3 RenovationMates says that doors with too many ornaments and rims in them are more difficult for cleaning and take longer time for it. Wooden doors tend to gather dirt easier and needs more cares for maintaining and cleaning. So take into consideration the way your door is going to be maintained and the cleaning it needs, before buying it.