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Choose the perfect souvenir for your loved ones from the places where you have been – Part 2

9. Argentina: Leather products

This South American country is known for leather products and therefore is the perfect place to select a new pair of leather gloves, leather shoes or a leather wallet. The country abounds with a variety of small boutiques where you can buy cheap quality leather products.

10. France: Macarons

They do not last very long, but these cookies are a wonderful souvenir. You can buy it all over France, but the best are those from Pierre Hermé.

11. Greece: Olive oil

This Mediterranean country is known for virgin olive oil that is used in almost all Greek recipes. There is made the world’s most famous olive oil, which is often called “Roll Royce of the oil.” If you are unable to carry with you a bottle of olive oil, you can choose soaps or cosmetics made from olive oil.

12. Ireland: Whiskey

Quality whiskey bottle is a classic souvenir that you can bring from Ireland. The best place to buy good Irish whiskey is Bushmills Distillery. There also you can see how to make whiskey.

13. China: Teapot

Everything is related to tea is a wonderful souvenir from China. Hand painted teapot or cups set would be a wonderful reminder of the time you have spent in China. Also you can bring authentic Chinese tea to continue the enjoyment at home.

14. Japan: Electrical devices

Asian country is known for electronics. Indeed, some of the products are sold at a cheaper price that is not the right reason why you should buy electrical appliances from Japan. There you will find unique and sometimes bizarre products that you will never find at your home country.

15. Morocco: Ceramics

The colorful hand-painted ceramic bowls are a wonderful and unique gift. The decorative pots often are decorated with intricate floral and geometric elements. The cities of Fez and Safi are leading centers for ceramics in Morocco.

16. South Africa – Amarula

Amarula is creamy liquor like liqueur that is made from exotic fruit which is found only in the forests of South Africa and has a taste of fruity caramel. This drink is a great gift for friends.

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