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Choose the perfect souvenir for your loved ones from the places where you have been

The souvenirs are an important part of the journey and many of the passengers want to bring home something that will remind them of the place they have visited and the adventures that they experienced there. It is better to avoid the souvenirs that you do not want to get. Forget the standard key rings, fridge magnets or coffee mugs and even jerseys. Souvenir shopping is a pleasure, not an obligation. With the right choice you could save money and at the same time you can surprised your loved ones. See the best authentic souvenirs that you can buy from the country where you traveled.

1. Germany: Beer Mug

Mug of beer is best souvenir, especially if you are in Germany during Oktoberfest. Mug beer is usually made from porcelain, tin or glass.

2. Belgium: Lace

Belgium is home to some of the best lace studios in the world. Belgian lace is unique and special because it is completely handmade.

3. Hungary: Red Pepper

A great place to find authentic local pepper is the Central Market in Budapest. Hungarian pepper is unique and is considered as milder than others that grew in other regions. Also it is incredibly cheap.

4. England: Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate is the perfect and the sweetest gift for loved ones.

5. Italy: Traditional Venetian mask

Traditional Venetian mask is a wonderful souvenir that you can buy only in Italy. These beautiful masks used during the famous carnival in Venice are often very complex drawn. The masks are made of leather, porcelain or glass.

6. Russia: Lacquered boxes

The beautiful hand-colored boxes are made of several layers of laminated paper which then are dried in an oven. Photos boxes are usually scenes of numerous Russian fairy tales and legends.

7. Spain: Wine

Wine is always a great souvenir. Is there a better place than Spain to buy wine?

8. Poland: Amber Jewelry

Amber is a jewel typical for Poland and there are hundreds of stores that sell quality jewelry. Polish goldsmiths have more than 80 names for different types of amber. It is believed that amber jewelry brings good luck.

Choose the perfect souvenir for your loved ones from the places where you have been – Part 2

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