Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

Rufus is the best thing that’s ever happened to your family. But if the truth be told, he’s also the messiest. No, you wouldn’t trade him for the world, but you sure wouldn’t mind trading his shed hair and muddy paw prints for a more spic-and-span abode for him and you!

The question is, how exactly do you keep your house clean with a four-legged friend inside?

While cats spend as much as half of their awake time grooming themselves, dogs generally need a helping hand with self-hygiene. Otherwise, their dander and dead skin starts getting stinky. Still, even cats have the potential to shed hair like many dogs do, leaving your home filled with landmines of lint.

Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your home decor clean even when you have pets at home. Here’s a rundown on the top clean decor tips for pet parents.

Keep Your Carpet Clean

Keeping your home decor looking immaculate as a pet parent is possible if you’re proactive about maintaining your carpets and area rugs. For instance, place decorative door mats both outdoors and indoors for your pet to use. In addition, train your pup to wait for you before re-entering the house so that you can wipe down his dirty paws with a towel first. You won’t be able to keep every speck of dirt off your rugs and carpet, but you will have less grime and dirt soiling your beautiful floor coverings.

Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

Note that white vinegar can also be sprayed on any stains and spots in your living room carpet to remove them. As soon as the carpet dries, you should no longer see any stains, and your carpet will also be deodorized.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

Another excellent way to keep your decor looking pristine is to regularly wash your bed’s comforter and sheets — especially if Rufus shares your bed with you. In this situation, it’s best to wash your sheets every three to four days, and once a week at least. When washing your sheets and comforter, try to wash them separately from your other clothes, as this will help to keep your bedding colors intact so that your room decor stays looking stylish.

Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

Also, if your pet sleeps in his own bed rather than with you, give him a pet bed with a washable, removable cover. When it’s time to clean the cover, simply wash it in your washing machine using detergent as well as baking soda (eight ounces) to neutralize odors and keep bacteria at bay.

Keep Your Pet Clean

If you’re serious about keeping your decor unblemished, pay extra attention to your furry little guide’s grooming routine as well. Unless your dog is a rare breed that doesn’t shed or sheds very little, then he produces a lot of loose hair. To overcome this challenge, brush your pet several times each week if not daily to decrease the quantity of fur that builds up throughout your home. Brushing your feline is also important for reducing shedding issues as well as unhealthy hairballs.

Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

To remove any fur that you can’t capture in time with a brush, be sure to have a well-made lint roller and handheld vacuum cleaner on hand. Lint rollers are effective at quickly removing fur from your bedding as well as your upholstered furnishings and window treatments. Meanwhile, handheld vacuum cleaners are great for any spot cleaning you need to do, or for eliminating fur before guests arrive for a last-minute gathering.

Be sure to also wash your pet with natural shampoo and conditioner once a week to remove debris and unwanted odors. Both your doggie and your decor will thank you.

Keep Your Upholstery Clean

If you enjoy snuggling up next to your dog on the couch, consider placing a slipcover or blanket on the couch first. This will provide protection for your sofa against his constantly shedding fur. Also, before you put the slipcover or blanket in your washing machine, shake off the excess hair. Alternatively, dampen a sponge or microfiber cloth and use it to eliminate the extra hair.

Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

Finally, vacuum your chairs and couches regularly to keep them looking classy and welcoming to family members and guests alike.

Be the Pet Parent with the Impressively Clean House Today!

Trying to keep your house looking magazine ready can feel like a chore when your little furry friend has other priorities. And the more pets you have, the harder it is to keep dirt and dander from dominating your home sweet home.

Clean Decor Tips for Pet Parents

The good news is, with a few simple strategies, you can enjoy the emotional benefits of having a pet while also experiencing the peace of mind that comes with having a clean living space. Follow the above-listed clean decor tips for pet parents to keep your house looking spotless from one day to the next.

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Cyd Ross is a founding member of an organization dedicated to rescuing livestock and pets from evacuation zones. Ranch life has given her experience with most animals, but her focus is on training horses and dogs. Cyd loves competing in endurance events of 50-100 miles with her Arabians.

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