A day trip from Denmark to Sweden might just be something you need to spice up your holidays! As the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo are very close and friendly in nature, you will have no trouble navigating between the two, but if it is your first time, you might want some suggestions and directions anyway. So, without further ado, let’s see our day trip guide.


As the Copenhagen to Malmo train runs basically every 20 minutes, we suggest you look no further. It really is the best choice for you! The route is short and comfortable, and the trains are quick and clean. Furthermore, it only costs 13 USD, and the journey overall takes only 45 minutes from the Central Station.

Make sure to bring your passport! The Swedish check them at the border before your arrival.

Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip Guide

Things to Do

While 24 hours is not a long time to explore a place thoroughly, it is highly possible if you have the right pointers. Let’s see the most popular, worth-visiting attractions in Malmo!

Take a Canal Tour

You might be wondering – why waste time taking a canal tour when you could just spend the day walking around? Well, cruising around the city is the best way to start your exploration and get acquainted with the surroundings. There are a few places you can only see from this point of view and, fortunately, the canal surrounds the city center perfectly, so you will see the most critical positions on this rapid 50-minute trip.

Then, after getting a sneak peek, you can decide what to visit and sightsee!

Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip Guide

Museums and Malmo Castle

Surely, you will want to spend some time touring the most important monuments of historical heritage and the most significant landmarks.

Visit the Technology & Maritime Museum, a very Scandinavian establishment! Then, move on to the Disgusting Food Museum, one of the most entertaining activities here for the brave and strong-minded! Believe us; the disgusting food lives up to its name.

You could also see the Malmo Museer, the center of art and history of Sweden. The museum is like an encyclopedia into every single thing that makes Malmo, Malmo. You will see traditional artifacts and works here, some of the oldest designs of Scandinavian art, and other important exhibitions. While you only have a day here, visiting this museum will be like a cheat sheet to rapidly getting to know the city.

Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip Guide

Jorchr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, visiting Malmo Castle is essential. The fortress was founded in the 15th century and has been through many dramatic changes and occurrences. You can also see an apparent connection between Denmark and Sweden, as King Christian III of Denmark built the castle, and historically it was more important to Denmark than Sweden.

For a short period of time, Malmo Castle was a prison, a hide-out, and a simple residency. You will see all of the evidence left by different events in the castle, so make that visit!

Dine Like the Swedish

You will probably be quite fatigued after touring all day, so a fine lunch or dinner should be the next logical step. Look for the local restaurants to try out Scandinavian food and support small businesses! There are plenty of lovely places to sit and eat, so you should not miss whatever you choose. Try the traditional dishes such as Shrimp Sandwiches, Pickled Herring, Falu Sausage, and many more!

If you are looking to explore further, check out Sweden trains!

Copenhagen To Malmo Day Trip Guide

There you go! Now you have a clearer picture of how a day trip to Malmo could go. Keep your passport close to you once you leave Denmark, try to hit as many spots in Malmo as possible, and just have a good time!