Whether you live with your spouse, your children or you welcome a procession of guests throughout the week, your home is shared with lots of other people. As a result, you’ll no doubt agree that bedroom is the only room in your home that’s entirely ‘yours’. So, doesn’t it make sense to make it a romantic, relaxing area for you to enjoy spending time in? Here’s how to create a romantic bedroom (without a rose petal, love heart or cuddly toy in sight…).

Clear the clutter

Regardless of your taste and interior design preferences, dirt and clutter is the number one decorating disaster bedroom. So, boost your chances of making a romantic space by cleaning it all away. Invest in whatever storage you can (there are lots of clever storage hacks you can use, even in small bedrooms), stashing things out of sight so your bedroom doesn’t become untidy.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Consider repainting

A new colour scheme goes a long way towards making a romantic bedroom, and you don’t necessarily have to choose the colours we often associate with love and romance, such as red. In fact, many people believe that red is too stimulating to use in a bedroom, so opt for blush tones, warm whites, almonds or a smoky topaz instead.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Ensure your bed is comfortable

Given that your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and will also get the most amount of use, it’s important you really love it. So, for a truly romantic bedroom, treat yourself to a stylish bed base and headboard, and invest in a comfortable mattress too. You can buy these from www.divancentre.co.uk before dressing your bed with ultra-soft pillows, luxurious bed linen and stylish throws. Consider silk or satin for a very glamorous romantic feel, or opt for cotton with floral prints for a traditional romantic look.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Hang luxurious curtains

Next, turn your attention to the window dressing. A black out blind is an absolute must-have if you want to get a good night’s sleep, but hanging curtains will add extra layers of depth and interest (as well as block out any remaining shards of light). To make your bedroom feel romantic, hang a curtain pole higher and wider than it needs to be, and to buy curtains that are longer than you actually need. That way, the curtains will draw your eye up to the ceiling to create an illusion of grandeur and height before puddle on the floor a little, subtly giving the impression of decadence and luxury.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of a romantic bedroom, so be sure not to overlook it! As well as adding a statement overhead light (such as a chandelier), ensure you have side lights for general lighting that isn’t too harsh. Task lighting (such as a source of light around a dresser) or a bedside lamp is a great idea, as is accent lighting in recesses and shelving, but don’t forget to add little pools of soft light too. Flickering candles and fairy lights add to the air of romance and create a particularly relaxing ambience.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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 Personalise your space

There’s nothing more romantic than a framed photograph of you and your other half, so pick your favourite and display it on your bedside table or somewhere else you’ll see it often. Photos, sentimental gifts and memorabilia of your relationship will certainly increase the sense of romance.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Pay attention to scent

Finally, our memories, experiences and even moods are strongly linked to scents, so make sure your bedroom smells amazing. You could use a diffuser, incense or scented oils to make your bedroom smell fresh and inviting. It’s fun to choose a scented candle that smells of a shared experience – such as a recent holiday – evoking happy memories and heighten the sense of romance in your bedroom.

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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Of course, all these decorating tips play a huge role in creating a romantic bedroom, but so does your attitude towards your space. Try to keep your bedroom off-limits to wandering guests, and operate a ‘no chores, no work’ rule in your bedroom (so no pairing socks in there!). That way, your room will feel like a romantic, relaxing place to be.