Thanks to its picturesque tropical landscapes, friendly and cheerful Latin mentality and tremendous cultural and historical heritage, Cuba became a pleasant shelter for dozens of adventurists, artists and travellers since old times. Anyone who had ever stepped on Cuba probably still feels radiant spirit of its colonial towns, unique dancing passion and charming native energy, since once you meet Cuban charisma, it stays under your skin forever. It’s a country with attitude, soul and endless charms which include:

Jaw-dropping beaches

Gorgeous Cuba’s coastal miracles are among the main reasons why Cuba stands out as greatly popular holiday destination. Anyone who’s overwhelmed with postcard beach sceneries should definitely come to Playa de Morales, which hosts soft sand, purple open sea and authentic fishing architecture of nearby village. Moving further to Cayo Largo, there’s spacious sandy vastness of Playa Sirena, which is true paradise for kayaking, while not so far from Gibara lays divine Playa Caletones. Although little, Playa Calatones carries truly magical spirit, thanks to its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters, but it’s also a place where you can dive within glorious caves.

Cuba and All its Charm

Image by Stefan Tariczky via Flickr

Extraordinarily friendly people

The warmth and hospitality present among locals is the most amazing thing you’ll experience on Cuba. So, don’t be surprised if they invite you to their house, spontaneously bring you into their dancing or singing gatherings or speak with you like with closest friend. Fascinating passion for life, entertaining spirit and cheerful temperament are contagious, so Cubans will easily make you feel like a real Cuban with cigar in your hands and seductive moves in your hips.

Cuba and All its Charm

Image by Alex Schwab via Flickr

Impressive cultural wealth

Cuban cultural richness is delightful part of its national identity, which is, if we know that Cuba welcomed French, Spanish, American and English cultures and wrapped them into exotic Caribbean energy, really something unique. Foreign cultural roots combined with native tradition, customs of first settled Cubans and Latin spirit gave birth to distinctive and plentiful culture, which greatly permeates through local lifestyle. That’s why historically featured architecture, precious galleries, variously oriented museums, music and extraordinary literature wealth makes the most powerful fascinations for every Cuba’s visitor.

Teatro Nacional, Havana

Cuba and All its Charm

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Explosion of unforgettable tastes

Thanks to its tropical geo position and variety of food related customs, Cuba offers a chance for wonderful culinary trips, especially if mention its recognizable street markets, where every stand speaks the story for itself. From Havana to inner cities, street vendors offer dozens of delicacies, from Cuban pizza with cheese and tomato sauce, guava pastry and peanut cones to fried dough strips called churros and tasty pork steak wrapped into garlic and onion, known as pan con bistec.

Cuba and All its Charm

Image by Adrian Salgado via Flickr

Cuba and All its Charm

Image by Todd Smith via Flickr

Excellent music and nightlife

Cuba is a cradle of fast rhythms, such as Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, and the Danzon, what explains capturing dancing and singing habits of locals. Apart from enjoying in mesmerizing moves of rumba performed on the streets of Havana, visitors can experience the boiling atmosphere of Havana’s clubs such as, jazz oriented Privé, dancing heaven, Tropicana or live salsa in Casa de la Música de Miramar.

Cuba and All its Charm

Image by Jennie Rainsford via Flickr

Cuba is definitely one of those places which must have been seen during the life, but once you visit it, you may not want to leave.