As the heart of the home, it’s understandable why a beautifully designed kitchen is at the top of everyone’s wish list. The kitchen is the primary space where we spend time cooking, eating, entertaining, and spending time with family – it should be charming, of course, but it also needs to be functional. While it can be challenging to find this balance, knowing the latest trends in design, color, and decor can help guide this personalization. Keep reading to learn kitchen remodeling design trends that you may want to integrate into your space.

Mixing Metallics

Gone are the days of limiting your kitchen design to one metal finish. One of the most contemporary kitchen design trends is to blend different finishes, from chrome and nickel to bronze and copper. Choosing the right mix of metallics is a great way to add visual interest and create a focal point in your kitchen design. Feel free to mix in any kitchen design style, but try to stick with no more than three finishes to maintain a cohesive look in your space. It’s also a good idea to pick a dominant finish with permanent fixtures, and then pair it with accent metals for a striking balance.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Photo by SF Design Build

Organic Elements

Bringing nature into the home has been a big trend in home design for the past few years – and its influence has extended into kitchens. More than adding a single faux plant into a corner or kitchen counter, organic elements such as wood cabinetry, indoor gardens, and natural materials like stone brighten your space. This trend isn’t limited to large or small features in your kitchen. Create a warm and welcoming space with bamboo and wood furnishings or update cabinets and countertops.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Slab Backsplashes

Looking to lose the white subway tile backsplashes and revamp your kitchen? Traditional backsplashes are being replaced in favor of the eye-catching detail of slab backsplashes – backsplashes made using a large, continuous piece of material or a few to make space for large appliances. Materials like quartz and marble can be used to create a statement piece or they can be matched to countertops to add interest. They’re the perfect way to add some luxurious charm into your space. Slab backsplashes are surprisingly functional, too. A seamless backsplash eliminates grout lines, making slab backsplashes much easier to clean!

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Warm and Bold Colors

White and muted palettes have dominated kitchens for the last decade – white walls, white tiles, white cabinets, Carrera marble. But there’s a shift occurring in design, with homeowners now embracing warmer tones and bold colors over minimalistic and monochromatic kitchens. The design trend is leaning towards an inviting, refreshing warm spectrum of color. All-white cabinets are being switched out in favor of warm grays, natural wood tones, and earthy terracotta.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Sustainability-Focused Design

Sustainability has become a significant factor that influences decision-making across categories from fashion to interior design. A trend and way of life, eco-friendly design is on the rise with kitchens, too. The focus is on what materials are being used and how the materials were sourced. More and more homeowners are opting for ethically sourced, eco-friendly or recycled materials to be more environmentally conscious. Think sustainability-sourced wood, recycled cabinet handles, and efficient LED lighting.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Concealed Storage and Appliances

Options for storage and easier organization are top priorities for today’s kitchens. Homeowners need a space for items like cookware, cookbooks, utensils, spices, appliances, and more. Modern design is all about offering solutions that help to conceal the clutter while keeping kitchens organized. Custom options such as walk-in and built-in pantries, integrated appliances, and additional concealed cabinet doors for countertop appliances like coffee machines lessen the chaos in your home and increase easy functionality.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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High Contrast

Defining contrasts are entering kitchens and providing a bolder look and feel. Black and white is one timeless combination, and homeowners are also opting to pare down the drama by embracing natural materials with black. This could include mixing subdued countertops and wood cabinets with black lighting fixtures, appliances, and furnishings. Combining strong, dramatic colors with muted shades and natural materials like lighter woods warm spaces up and help them feel more inviting, without losing the impact of moody contrasts.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Freestanding Kitchen Designs

Freestanding kitchens are also on the rise in modern design. A move away from the traditional, freestanding kitchens are comprised of one or more that stand independently and can be moved as needed. Examples of pieces could include portable kitchen islands on wheels, standalone pantry cupboards, and bakers’ tables. These designs can introduce a more relaxed feel, add effortless charm and functionality to your space, and provide adaptability as your needs change.

Design Trends for Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Updating Your Kitchen

Get the most out of your kitchen by integrating modern trends that offer style and functionality to your lifestyle. Not all trends need to be utilized – choose what’s important to your needs and what will bring the most value into your space. Ultimately, it’s about personalizing your kitchen in a way that works best for you and your family.