You have to experience a dhow cruise in Dubai, especially if it is your first time in the city. You might want to see the old Dubai and some – the new Dubai. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can either take the Dhow Cruise Marina, known for making you appreciate the 21st century Dubai or the Creek Dhow Cruise, famous for giving you a glimpse of the old Dubai.

Dhow dinner cruises are one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai. From a simple sightseeing of the beautiful and awe-inspiring city to hosting birthday parties and engagements – there is nothing you cannot do on a dhow cruise. You will find two kinds of Dhow cruises in Dubai – one is the Marina Dhow Cruise and the other is the Creek Dhow Cruise. Once you indulge in a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, Marina – it is a guarantee that you will come back again for this world-class experience. Let’s take a look at some of the things which make a dhow cruise worth every penny.

5 things you can look forward to when taking Dhow Cruise Dinner

Sightseeing at its Best

From skylines to huge and gigantic buildings – you can see everything from your dhow cruise. Once you hop in a creek or marina dhow cruise, you can leave all your worries behind and enjoy the city’s warmth and beauty. Usually, the evening and night are considered the best times to use such a cruise because then you get to be the lucky witness to the fascinatingly lit buildings and other cruises with beautifully decorated lights.

5 things you can look forward to when taking Dhow Cruise Dinner

Delicious, Appetizing Food

Food is one of the unique selling points of a dhow cruise. You will be spoilt for choice, thanks to both international and Arabic cuisine available here. The waiters on these cruises are always looking forward to serving you exquisite food. Depending on your company, you can either enjoy a candle light dinner with your spouse or a fully fledged gourmet dinner with your family.

5 things you can look forward to when taking Dhow Cruise Dinner

Treatment like Royalty

You will get the best treatment and also be entertained by the traditional Arabic dancers. Apart from the belly dancing, you will have the waiters coming up to you and individually explaining all the spots that you are getting to see from the cruise. Also, in case you are on the upper deck and do not feel like going down and having food, all your food and drinks will be served to you, then and there.

5 things you can look forward to when taking Dhow Cruise Dinner

Host Various Events

You can easily host an open air birthday party here. Also, if you were on the lookout for a unique wedding spot and unable to find one – a dhow cruise is your perfect solution. Formal events like conferences and other corporate affairs can be held in a dhow cruise too. Mixing business with pleasure is one of the best parts of a dhow cruise.

5 things you can look forward to when taking Dhow Cruise Dinner

Convenient Booking

You don’t have to deal with any middleman. No matter which cruise you are choosing, you can easily go to its website and make an online booking. As far as the price goes, there is ample price range – so you do not have to worry about going over budget.

All in all, boarding the dhow cruise is an experience in itself. You will not only feel like home-away-from-home but certain facilities like the Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai, Marina will make you want to revisit this magical and mystical place.