San Francisco is a charming city on the California coast. It looks out onto the bay of the same name. A visit to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without the wind in your hair and the smell of salt water. There are many local activities to fill up any itinerary.

Feel the Surf

It is not surprising that a coastal city like San Francisco would spawn a sub-genre of music known as “surf rock.” You can catch that laid-back vibe yourself when you go windsurfing. The season is best from about May until August. Your best bet for strong winds is at noon. Rio Vista and San Mateo are especially popular windsurfing areas. Sherman Island is another good launching spot. If you are an experienced windsurfer you can brave the choppy waters near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Discovering the Joy of the Ocean on the San Francisco Bay

Go for a Drive

…across the water, that is. Rent a motor boat and feel the power of that Volvo penta marine engine. Boating in San Francisco is an extremely unique experience. You can drive under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or go fishing. Salmon are abundant in the Bay. You will find trout if you venture farther afield on the Petaluma River. You will be navigating a current that runs south.

Discovering the Joy of the Ocean on the San Francisco Bay

Try a Cruise

This area of California is the heart of wine country. Napa Valley lies just northwards. There are many cruises that marry the two. Travel in style as you sample the region’s best booze. Daytime cruises are a great choice for sight-seeing. You will likely travel past the infamous prison-turned-tourist-attraction Alcatraz. A dinner cruise has a more romantic atmosphere.

Discovering the Joy of the Ocean on the San Francisco Bay

Give Kayaking a Go

There are plenty of rental spots for kayaking so you don’t have to bring your own. Not sure where to head out? It can be hard to choose since there are so many beautiful nooks all over the Bay. Sausalito is a bit north of the area and will give you amazing views. Tomales Bay is a small protected area that eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean. Head there at nighttime for bioluminescent kayaking. When there is no moon you’ll be able to see ocean life that appears to glow. Half Moon Bay is a good choice if you’re new to kayaking. The waters are much calmer there.

Discovering the Joy of the Ocean on the San Francisco Bay

The Bay’s moderate temperatures make it the ideal location to explore in vessels large and small.