Popular door retailer Vivid Doors has recently published one of its popular creative content pieces. This time, to celebrate 100 years of Disney, they’ve asked AI to create some Disney interior design ideas for different rooms around the home – and we absolutely love the results.

Armed with beautifully crafted images and clever colour palettes, Vivid Doors have us dreaming of home renovations. Take a look below at some of the highlights from the series. If you love these as much as we do, then we recommend checking out the original piece for the full list of 28 Disney-inspired rooms created by AI.

Front Foyer: The Beauty and the Beast

This beautiful grand foyer has the perfect touches for a princess. Using candles to light the hallway is a brilliant way to bring some cosiness to a room without much natural light.

Beyond this, the colours used are exactly what we imagined Belle and Prince Adam dorning their beautiful home with. We can’t accept anything less for a princess!

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Living Room: Aristocats

SophistiCATed and cultured – this living room is exactly where we would imagine Marie relaxing after a day of exploring the grounds. What’s even better is that the AI knew that this living room would need hardwood floors to stay clean, making it super easy to sweep up all the cat fur!

With instruments like these, we’d love to hear the music that would be echoing throughout this house.

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Kitchen: Ratatouille

There’s no other place we could imagine Remy and Linguine cooking up a storm. Stocked with all the cooking tools a rat could want and windows that reach the ceiling, this bright and airy kitchen which offers up all the bohemian vibes of mid-century Paris, is somewhere that we’d love to be offered a home cooked meal!

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Dining Room: Lady and the Tramp

This cosy apartment dining room is exactly where we would imagine Lady and her puppy love sharing a romantic meal of spaghetti and meatballs. With a beautiful view of the city and a cosy, candle-lit colour palette, this interior design is something we can see easily coming to life in an actual apartment!

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Bedroom: Tangled

The ultimate teenage girl’s bedroom. From the adorable pastel colour palette to the bookshelf within reach of the bed. This beautiful loft bedroom has everything to keep you entertained – you may never want to leave! Luckily, unlike Rapunzel, you’ll have the option to come and go with this room.

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Bathroom: Moana

With a bathroom like this, you’ll want to spend all day in the bath! The giant plants bring a natural vibe to this room. The longer we look at this, the more we want to move somewhere tropical and spend the rest of our days either a) on the beach or b) in this bathroom.

Who’s with us?

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Home Office: Wall-E

This minimalist dream is exactly how we would imagine futuristic robot’s working from home set-up. Complete with an ergonomic chair (which is obviously custom-made for Eve) and houseplants, we can see ourselves getting loads of work done here. Organised, efficient, and with no distractions – exactly how Eve would want it!

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Conservatory: Jungle Book

If any Disney story deserves its own conservatory, it would be The Jungle Book. This beautiful room is stuffed to the brim with tropical plants and ornate Indian-inspired furniture. The beautiful ceiling-hung lamps bring a cosy-but-elegant quality to the room, while natural light filters through the floor-to-ceiling windows. We’d give anything to spend an afternoon in here!

And don’t forget about the beautiful, extravagant French doors that would lead to the room.

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Shed: Pinocchio

This adorable shed room looks like the perfect place to spend all evening working on a project. Stocked with all kinds of tools and trinkets, the addition of flowers brings extra life to the room, while the small lamps provide just enough light to work at the desk. This workshop-converted shed is exactly where we imagine Gepetto working on his puppets.

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Garden: The Lion King

This warm and cosy back garden is the perfect place to relax on a hot summer evening. The fairy lights would keep the area lit as the sun sets and the air cools. Though we can’t make ourselves too at home here, the lion murals on the wall remind us who this garden belongs to – and we don’t want to overstay our welcome!

Disney-Inspired Interior Design Ideas Created Using AI

Like What You’ve Seen So Far?

Check out the rest of these Disney-inspired interior designs depicted by AI on Vivid Door’s website. While Midjourney may have missed some details, we think that the AI did quite a good job of bringing these imaginary rooms to life – and we hope to see more in the future!

Who would have thought that AI could create interior designs that we’d be ridiculously jealous of? We’re excited to see more cool projects and ideas come to fruition with the help of AI and here’s to hoping some of these rooms become a reality one day – and if you’re the one to make them, please invite us around for a cuppa!