A house is not a home until you give it a personal touch; fill it with memories and precious moments spent with your loved ones. No matter your home is extravagant or ordinary, it can only provide you the comfort and tranquility, you urge for in times of stress.

Everybody aspires for a furnished and beautiful living space, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have it. It’s a little troubling; however, you can bring the novelty and warmth to your house showing little creativity.

With these few techniques you can upgrade any room in the house without spending a penny over budget.

Create a Statement Wall

A statement wall is an effortless way to inject a style and a personal touch to your house. What makes this DIY idea endearing is that you get space to show your creativity and it’s relatively an inexpensive way.

DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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Needless to mention, there are many ways you can craft a feature wall for your house like by paints, sticking wallpapers, decorative moldings, artworks but it depends upon your budget and size of the wall and the location you want to create it.

One of the best DIY ideas is to use the leftover paint to paint your room wall, and then hang your family pictures on it using fishing rod and nails. Moreover, you can add the small led lights to make it more attractive at night.

Play With Textile

Cushions and pillows are the functional decorative accessory that can be comfortable too. You can fool around with the headrest and pillows covers even twice in 6 months to decorate your house, as it’s simple and inexpensive.

Try unique texture, bold colors and vibrant patterns in pillow and cushion covers to pop up your expensive furniture.

DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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You can also use the colorful bed sheet as cover for a small coffee table; it will surely brighten up your evening tea time. , if you know little knitting and crocheting, you can also draw short, colorful patterns on dull white cushion colors; it would look terrific on plain furniture.

Frame a Mirror

A judiciously placed mirror in a house can elevate its ambiance and embellish it; also it makes the room appear more spacious. Hence, the question is that where we should place it? You can hang a large mirror on your bedroom wall for a dramatic effect, or try floor-to-ceiling mirror in the corner by the window.

DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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You could even decorate the mirror with string lights, flowers, and fabric. What I think would spruce up the most is the mirror framed with nautical rope, and you can place it at the back of a chest of drawers.

Go Vintage

The vintage style looks exceptionally chic yet sophisticated, and it’s effortless to add a grandpa’s house feel to yours. You can bring vintage home just by changing your wallpaper, using authentic lighting or by adding more wooden furniture.

DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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Don’t bother painting your old and ruined cabinet; use it to put your wine bottles or books in good shape. This small furniture piece if placed well can bring a rustic semblance to the whole place.


Try each or only one of the above ideas and be ready to get all the pats on your back. In case you want to show some love to your house on a tight budget then you can get coupons for your vintage décor and DIY supplies that will save you a ton of cash in your wallet.

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