One of the best feelings in life is moving into your own home. Once you have got the keys and have your belongings in there, you can really begin to make it yours. From the living area to the kitchen, garden and bedrooms, having your own home gives you limitless ways to make it unique to you and any family you have. However, sometimes this blank canvas to work from that can be a problem. Trying to find ways to unleash your inner creativity and make your home different from others can seem tricky.

The good news is that there are some great ways to make your home unique that anyone can use. By adding your own twist to them or simply choosing a style or material that no-one else in your neighborhood has, you can still make it personal to you. If you are looking for some great ways to give your home that bespoke look, the below should help.

Put up some photographs

What could be more personal and unique then photos of you and your family? After all, no-one else will have them so they are a great way to make your room interiors look good. The great thing about this design idea is that it is pretty cheap and simple to do. All you need to do is print a few photos off your computer via your smartphone and pick up some inexpensive frames to put them in. When placed strategically around the home, they will inject an instant sense of personality and uniqueness to your property.

Making your Home’s Interior a Unique Experience

Wooden window shutters

If you have a look at the other homes in your area you will probably find many have curtains or blinds in their windows. To stand out from the crowd, why not install wooden window shutters on yours instead? They are making a design comeback at the moment so you will also have the added bonus of being perfectly on-trend. These are one of the best decoration ideas around and if you choose DIY shutters to install yourself, they are superb value for money. Available in a range of styles and materials, window shutters will look great and give your home a fabulous bespoke feel.

Making your Home’s Interior a Unique Experience

Hardwood flooring

Another great tip to add a custom feel to your property is by fitting certain rooms, like the kitchen or living area, with hardwood flooring. Although this has become quite popular it does not mean you cannot create your own personal take on it to stand out. With the range of hardwood materials to use and the different colors available it is entirely possible to lay your flooring in the way that suits your needs and tastes. Of course, the added bonus with using this idea is that wooden flooring is easier to clean than carpet and is harder wearing than many tiles.

Making your Home’s Interior a Unique Experience

Interior paint

What better way to showcase your individual style and personality than the paint you use on your interior walls? From calming blues to energetic reds and stimulating yellows, you can really go to town and choose colors that sum up who you are. If you have family living with you, then you can also do the same in the kids’ bedrooms. This is another relatively inexpensive design idea and also one that is easy to change. If you want to revamp or redo after a few years to show where you are at currently, you can simply slap another color on there.

Making your Home’s Interior a Unique Experience


A few pieces of visually arresting artwork is the perfect way to make your home decor unique. It will be pretty unlikely that anyone else will have the exact same pieces in the same rooms of their house after all! Find artwork that appeals to you and that you feel a connection with as this will help it to add personality to the property. As will as giving rooms more interest and color, artwork also presents a great talking point when visitors call by.

Making your Home’s Interior a Unique Experience

Make your home your amazing place

The very best thing you can do with your own home is to make it into your own amazing place. This will not only make you and your family want to spend time there but also impress any guests. Although it can seem hard to find unique ways to do it that make you stand out from others, the above shows it is possible. Very often, it is about looking at what you have going on in your life and what interests you have to showcase inside your property.