DIY Pool Party Ideas

It’s pool party season! The perfect time to break out the pool floaties and host an epic backyard festivity. Whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday, or just some fun party for your tribe, having a pool party is always exciting.

DIY your way into the coolest pool party ever. But before you send the invites, make sure to decorate your pool to set the mood and make your party look dreamy, fictitious, and instagrammable.

Host an imaginative pool party with these DIY ideas.

Flower themed party

When decorating your poolside for a party, don’t leave it untouched with only pool noodles and beach balls. Consider uncomplicated diy pool party ideas filled with fun decorations and treats, with a splash of bright colors and accents. One classic idea that will always ‘wow’ your guests is a flower themed party.

Floating flowers is one of the most inexpensive, yet stunning, décor for your pool. Flowers give an ethereal aesthetic appeal to any given space, making it elegant and fresh. You can opt to use artificial flowers or fresh flowers designed in a floatable wreath.

DIY Pool Party Ideas

You can customize your floral décor too by making monogram floating letters or phrase. Below are the basic details to make a floating monogram or wreath:

You will need:

  • Foam core
  • Precision knife for crafts or cutter (good for cutting foam)
  • Glue gun
  • Flowers, use a variety for a very pretty look


  1. Create/trace your desired shape or letter.
  2. Glue the (foam) pieces together to achieve your desired look.
  3. Cut the flower’s stem, then use the flower head and glue it to the foam. Alternate between colors or sizes to create an even, pleasing design.
  4. Then, set it gently into the pool.

DIY Pool Party Ideas

Floral invitation

Complete the flower-themed pool party allure with a floral invitation. Get creative and make personalized invitations by crafting your own design and choosing attractive papers. You can buy or find a free design template online that is ready to print too.

The most charming floral invitations are water-colored designs and hand-painted florals. Use bright colors that are usually associated with flowers like pink, white, lavender. Use also flower patterns and embellishments in gold or silver for additional adornments.

Red Flamingo Party

You can treat your guests to a red flamingo pool party too. Get them flapping with the taste of fun and flamingo party that is so divine. To have a fabulous splash bash, decorate with artificial flamingos on the landscape

DIY Pool Party Ideas

This party idea will include details below:

  • Red flamingo cake, cookies, cupcakes and macarons
  • Flamingo partyware
  • Flamingo centerpieces
  • Flamingo Marquee Lights
  • Flamingo party hat
  • Red flamingo party invite and signage
  • Balloon garland/backdrop

Children Pool Party

When it comes to pool parties, you can be sure that the kids are the ones who are really looking forward to it. And children parties are probably the easiest to organize since kids love almost anything. Use your playful imagination when hosting a children’s pool party so the kids will surely stay.


Everyone loves balloons, especially kids! For every children’s party, balloons are a constant sight. So, don’t be shy and throw generous colorful balloons into the pool.

DIY Pool Party Ideas

Using balloons as your party’s decoration is not only cheap, but it will also get the kids rushing for more play. Add inflatables of different fun shapes and sizes for a more fun-filled experience.

Other creative ideas:

  • Water balloon piñata
  • Water balloon slip and slide
  • Put glow sticks in balloons then have it float into the pool

Air Dancers

Another trendy idea is to add air dancers to your pool party. It’s waving arms and dancing body are fun to look at and instantly add appeal to your event.

Air dancers are easy to setup and use, it can be illuminated at night too. Its unique dancing motion will certainly get the attention of your party guests.

Additional Tips

If you have your own pool, or planning to build one, don’t settle for the old-fashioned rectangular shape. Opt to have an impressive, personalized pool landscape design. Not only that it’s aesthetically appealing, it will make it party-ready, all the time.

DIY Pool Party Ideas

Some ideas you can integrate in your pool landscape design are:

  • a fireplace
  • a jacuzzi
  • dramatic accent lights or multi-coloured changing lights
  • a custom outdoor furniture
  • a mini garden

There are numerous advantages in choosing to customize your inground pool design. It’s easier to decorate for pool parties, given its already unique design. And a stunning in-ground pool design for your backyard is a good way to add value to your home too.

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