Fall is a great season with many notable holidays that bring together the family and relatives from afar. A lot of preparations and organizing takes place to ensure that events go smoothly and everyone is having a great time. One possible problem that you may encounter is stains on the carpet.

Spills and accidents are likely, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Carpet cleaning is not something you want to look into when everyone is having fun, but it is definitely better to address a bad stain quickly than regret this later. Knowledge of what works best against the most common stains will be of great value to you. Read on the following tips for stain removal if you want to ensure that nothing threatens your carpet:

Wine and beer

Spilling some wine on your carpet can be scary, but fortunately there are some steps you can take in ensuring that such small issue doesn’t turn into a disaster. First you need to blot the stain with a cloth soaked in club soda. Spray the stain with a mix of water and white vinegar. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before proceeding to blot with a clean sponge. Rinse with warm water and press a clean towel to soak excess dampness. This is a truly effective carpet cleaning technique.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions during Fall Celebrations

Grease and oil

If your cooking efforts have lead to nasty grease stain on the carpet, you need to approach with a dishwashing detergent. This solution does wonders against grease and oil on your plates and cutlery, so it will work well on the carpet too. Simply mix few drops of it in a cup of water and use that on the stained area.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions during Fall Celebrations


Burning candles help set the mood of every holiday. There are electric candles available, but if you are after the unique atmosphere created by traditional candles, you best be prepared with some stain removal knowledge on wax, as it may end up on the carpet. The way to work on that is by carefully scraping off the excess wax first. Then place a paper towel and iron on it. This will heat the wax and make it cling onto the paper.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions during Fall Celebrations


Halloween is a time of the year that every child anticipates and every parent fears for the danger of carpet staining is real. If some candy does end up on the carpet, you must first use a blunt knife to scrape off the excess. Continue carpet cleaning with a mix of mild soap and water. Blot the area with a clean towel after that.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions during Fall Celebrations


Tracking in gum during Halloween is another possible problem. To get it out, you must first freeze it with some ice cubes from the freezer. After that it should be easy enough to lift it with a spoon. Be careful not to cut carpet fibers too deeply.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions during Fall Celebrations

Remember that treating carpet stains as soon as possible is your best bet. Follow the instructions outlined in this article for an effective method of carpet cleaning.